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Hawaii's Weather Chaos - from Dual Tropical Storms and an Earthquake to Flooding

Over the past several days, events have proven that life is not always perfect in paradise. The Hawaiian Islands, particularly the Big Island of Hawaii, are battling hurricane-force tropical storms, powerful winds and even an earthquake. Area residents and even island visitors aren't defeated though. To view a range of resources available, click the Read More link below.

ALERT: Dual Hurricanes Headed Toward Hawaii

Television, radio and online news outlets have been warning of two tropical storms (Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio) that could make landfall in Hawaii between August 7 - August 10, 2014. Regardless of the hurricanes, the weather system could minimally produce heavy rains (from 4 – 6 inches), strong winds and high surf (5 – 6 foot swells) in the area beginning Wednesday, August 6 and over the next several days.