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The City of Annapolis Police and Fire Retirement Plan (“Plan”) has issued an RFP for emerging investment managers.

The deadline for proposals is December 30, 2014. Download the Request For Proposal form here.

One hard copy proposal and electronic file on disc or flash drive must be submitted by 5 p.m. to the following address:  

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Re: City of Annapolis
310 Grant Street
Suite 802
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

It is the primary goal of the Plan to develop and maintain an investment program that will help secure the retirement benefits of the beneficiaries.  In order to achieve this objective, investment advisers are selected based on their long-term records of performance, depth of investment staff and consistency of approach, among other characteristics.  

The Committee responsible for the Plan recognizes that even large, experienced and successful investment organizations were once small, start-up firms with few assets under management.  These firms are often started by experienced investment professionals who show great promise, but find it difficult to compete with large, established organizations.  Smaller firms typically do not meet the minimum standards set for investment advisers by large investment programs.  Consequently, they are not considered for roles in the portfolio.  

In order to take advantage of these emerging organizations, the Committee has adopted this Emerging Investment Manager Program to seek increased participation by emerging investment managers for the Plan.

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