We’re data-driven to our core.

Gallagher’s best-in-class data analytics teams are at your side to develop insights and easy-to-understand visual stories that help  create custom tailored insurance and consulting solutions, combined with your Gallagher Team expertise, we focus on creating programs centered on what is most important to you and your organization.

Custom Solutions with the Gallagher Data and Analytics Teams

Data enriches the customer story – but being able to identify the right data points and having the expertise to develop insights to tell that story, is what sets Gallagher apart. Our Data and Analytics teams partner with you, to create bespoke, easy-to-understand visual analyses of the factors that comprise your total of cost risk and organizational wellbeing. We delve into the details of your data and leverage Gallagher’s rich in-house data sets to create actionable data visualizations that provide the valuable insights you need to get the most from your insurance and benefits programs.

Explore Gallagher Data and Analytics Tools

With a world of tools and data available, our teams leverage the right tools and data points that will help you fully understand the past—while looking towards the future and measuring success along the way.

Evaluate your comprehensive risk management program

We use CORE360™, our unique comprehensive approach of evaluating your risk management program by leveraging analytical tools and diverse resources for maximum impact on six cost drives of your total cost of risk. By helping you understand all of your actual and potential costs, we empower you to know, to control, and to minimize your total cost of risk and improve your profitability.

Gallagher Drive

Gallagher Drive – our premier platform of data and analytics analyzes market conditions, claims history and industry benchmarks to give our clients and carriers the data they need to optimize risk management programs. When used as part of CORE360™, our unique comprehensive approach to evaluating your risk management program, Gallagher Drive creates meaningful insights for maximum impact on your total cost of risk.  Our Gallagher Drive team capabilities include:

Benchmarking Services
Compare your insurance program structures against industry peers and make more informed purchasing decisions around your coverages, your limits and potential exposures.


Claims Analytics
Gallagher’s proprietary data, combined with our robust forecasting and modeling tools, can help you better analyze your organization’s loss history and related impacts.


Placement Analytics
Gallagher has decades of experience working with carriers. We leverage this expertise with unique trade data to help ensure you optimize your insurance panel and your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). We help you review carriers to verify that risk is being managed with the best placements for your organization’s needs.



Gallagher Insight

Access to thought leadership from our global practice leaders 24/7.

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Gallagher Go

Gallagher Go is the client service portal that enables customers to create, manage, and send certificates of insurance electronically—or opt to have Gallagher do the heavy lifting and issue certificates for you. Certificates can be requested by email or phone and they are sent to you within hours. 

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Cyber Risks with Gallagher eRiskHub

It is critical today to understand cyber risk for any industry and business size. eRisk Hub is a leading provider for cyber due diligence and understanding your cyber risk profile. Their suite of cyber incidence response tools is industry-leading.

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Gallagher | eRiskHub for Healthcare 

Understanding the ever-changing landscape of healthcare risk is critical to your business. Gallagher eRiskHub for Healthcare is designed to provide an interactive experience complete with risk management tools and resources to help minimize your cyber risk liability.

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Create your better organization

A better workplace attracts, engages and retains top talent at the right cost. It centers on strategic investments in your employees’ health, financial wellbeing and career growth.

And it utilizes data, helping gather insights and apply best practices that promote productivity and growth.

With Gallagher Better WorksSM, you’ll optimize your annual talent investment and mitigate organizational risk to maximize profitability. And, at the heart of Better Works is a series of proprietary tools and data resources that help drive better decisions, and more importantly, better outcomes for your bottom line:

Workforce Evaluation NXT is Gallagher’s proprietary methodology providing valuable insights into your employee population and the underlying trends that affect your people strategy.

Workforce Evaluation RET is Gallagher’s retirement version of this tool providing insights into employees’ retirement readiness by demographics and career stages.

GBSInsider is the Benefits & HR Consulting division’s version of benchmarking. It takes a panoramic look at the total costs associated with your medical plan. GBSInsider is a key component in our Bend-the-Trend Analysis. This diagnostic tool identifies and helps prioritize cost containment ideas.

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Human Resources & Benefits Technology Trends and Outlook Reports offer in-depth research and market analysis to help you better understand the technology marketplace. They enable you to select the best-fit technology solutions for your organization and your employees.

Pharmacy Benefit Management RFP and Pricing Model is an industry-leading proprietary model that helps employers secure the right prescription drug plan for their organization. We streamline the complex process of marketing and selecting a prescription benefit plan, providing your decision makers with a thorough analysis, and publicizing results of proposed plans.

GBS Insight is the client service innovation that delivers secure, personalized online access to the latest information and tools you need to effectively manage your company’s human resources and employee benefits needs. Reporting allows you to benchmark plan data by primary industry, location, group size, line of coverage or plan type and plan attributes.  

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Gallagher Partner Portals

Gallagher Global Alliance

Gallagher Global Alliance is our network of selected independent brokers that are owned or partially owned by Gallagher in 150 countries.

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Gallagher Connect Partners

Gallagher Connect Partners is our U.S.-based strategic alliance with minority, women and other diverse partners born out of our shared value system and ethical tradition. We believe strongly in connecting with partners who believe in doing what is best for the client.

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