**This service offering is not available in Québec.**
**Ce service n’est pas offert en Québec.**

Gallagher's cybersecurity team can support your company's growth and digital transformation by providing a range of cyber defence services that align with your company's cybersecurity position.

In response to the changing cyber risk landscape, we've designed a tried-and-true solution to protect your company's assets and clients against the latest cyber threats. Gallagher's solutions are designed to enhance the cyber health and wellbeing of your organization at an affordable, fixed cost.

  • Virtual cyber team
  • Risk quantification and remediation modelling
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning (networks and cloud access)
  • Maturity assessments — DEFCON 6
  • Desktop simulations
  • Internal governance
  • Incidence response planning
  • 24/7 cyber defence services

The Gallagher cyber advantage

As our client, you can benefit from the borderless service we offer and take advantage of our breadth and depth of knowledge, through customized, affordable service packages.

  • Expertise in supporting your existing cybersecurity team or managing it completely. Secure your company's cybersecurity with a team of experts that supports your existing team capabilities or can serve as your company's cybersecurity team. Our service solutions address the top emerging cyber trends in Canada.
  • Strong technical expertise. Our global team of professionals possesses hands-on knowledge and professional experience in technology and cybersecurity having worked for government authorities, central intelligence agencies and large private organizations.
  • Product customizability and affordability. We offer customizable annual service packages at affordable, fixed rates to help you manage finances for your cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Access to a global network of cyber risk specialists. Our team of insurance professionals is highly knowledgeable about cyber loss, insurance implications and remediation. Gallagher's global presence positions us at the forefront of cybersecurity trends and risk while actively protecting our clients.
  • Company reliance and stability. Unlike smaller cybersecurity companies, we're backed by the world's third-largest brokerage. With our risk-averse expertise and cyber insurance experience, we strengthen our customers' cybersecurity position.