Employers are looking for ways to customize the employee experience more readily and to embrace individual circumstances, differences and preferences more cohesively. Our 2024 Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights provides the tools, trends and data to help make that a reality.

In this issue:

Building retirement benefits for a global and mobile workforce

Global mobility and a work-from-anywhere culture open the door to creative solutions for financial wellbeing, starting with retirement benefits.

Learn about seven best practices multinationals should consider when building retirement benefits for a global and mobile workforce.

Enhancing the employee experience through storytelling

New opportunities are opening up to engage employees by adapting communications for different audiences and delivery methods.

Learn more about the strategic art form of storytelling and how it can make complex ideas more accessible and relatable for employees.

Promoting working women's health at all life stages, including menopause

Menopause is gaining attention as an inclusion and diversity (I&D) concern and more employers are starting to think about how to respond. As employers ramp up resources for menopause in the workplace, they can rest assured that they're not alone.

Learn how strategic and mindful communication can set women up for success and allow them to thrive at work.

Competing to win with an EVP-driven attraction and retention strategy

Gaining an edge on hiring the right people and keeping them onboard is a pursuit that's never quite complete, as challenges and strategies are constantly changing. Get insights on how a well-conceived employee value proposition (EVP) can make a difference.