Dean Schroeder

Dean is a senior human resource executive with over two decades of leadership and management experience in private and public sectors including not-for-profit service organizations, and industry experience ranging from human capital management, workforce planning, performance management to strategic thinking/planning, change management and policy building.

Dean has developed and implemented staffing strategies and programs that improved operational outcomes and maximized the available staff resources that focused on organizational change, defining culture and facilitating leadership, as well aligning business requirements to HR strategy. His passion is providing HR solutions and strengthening the link between people and strategy by helping clients build their HR infrastructure. Dean also enjoys consulting with early stage ventures and nonprofit organizations. Included among his management qualities is his deep commitment to working in a collaborative, transparent and inclusive manner, which allows him to build lasting relationships with employees.

Dean holds a degree in Human Resources and is a certified Change Management specialist utilizing the Prosci change methodology, as well as an active member of CPHR Alberta.