Scott Vallimont


Technology Director

Mt. Laurel
The company wants new ideas.

My current role

As the Eastern Region Technology Director, I’m responsible for overseeing all the technical projects for my region, procuring all new technologies and keeping everything up to date. One of the things I like most about being at the Director level is working with my team and helping grow their careers. At Gallagher, it’s not about pre-determined career paths – if you have an interest in something, the company and management are very accommodating in letting you pursue it.

A great day

One of my best days at Gallagher had nothing to do with my job. The company sets aside a few days a year where employees can volunteer and give back to the community. I had a great time helping build houses for Habitat for Humanity. Arthur J. Gallagher is truly a company where everybody pitches in and helps out at work, so it’s no wonder the turnout for these community service days is very high.

What gets me going every day

It has to be the work environment. In all honesty, being in technology, the work I do here isn’t that much different from the two other companies where I’ve worked, but the approach is. By that, I mean you have a lot of power, flexibility and autonomy here. You’re not just an employee doing a job a certain expected way, which is what I was doing before I came to Gallagher. Here, the company is truly interested in your input: they want new ideas, they want you to think “outside the box,” and they create an environment where you’re encouraged and not afraid to try new things. I remember being here one night at ten o’clock, and it wasn’t because I had to be, or was scrambling to meet a deadline – it was because I wanted to be. I got so caught up and was so enjoying what I was doing that I just lost track of time.

What’s different about Arthur J. Gallagher

I really think it’s the people and the personal nature of the company. I got my first indication of this on my interview. I remember I was very impressed that they didn’t just want to talk about my skill sets, which in technology interviews is usually all that’s discussed and focused on. But at Gallagher, they were trying to get to know me as a person. That really meant something to me and was one of the main reasons that I accepted the job. Gallagher is a very friendly and people-oriented company. There’s definitely a positive energy here.

What our culture means to me

It’s a very supportive culture. The training and growth opportunities are incredible, and people here are all working toward a common goal for our clients and each other. I remember I was doing a technical wiring job one day, and an Area President, who had nothing to do with technology, asked me if I needed help. Then he pitched right in, and the job went by so much more quickly. The culture is also one of listening to the employees. The company is always interested in getting feedback, and better yet, actually acting on the feedback to make the company and culture here stronger.