Stephanie Phillips


Director of Concur Administration

We’re all in it together here.

What initially intrigued you about Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.? 

I have worked for a number of companies, including a few of Arthur J. Gallagher’s competitors, and I can truly say that there’s a difference in management style here. When I interviewed at Gallagher I was looking to get into more of shared services environment. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease here. I knew it was the right fit. This position provides me with an opportunity to travel and work globally within the organization and offers the possibility to both develop my career and advance within the industry.

How do you feel Gallagher compares to other employers in the industry?

At Gallagher one of the biggest things that keeps me here, and is different than other employers in the industry, is the senior leadership team. Due to their leadership, I feel secure in my role and have autonomy in the way I work. They are also very family-oriented, with an emphasis on work-life balance, which is important to me.

What is one of the things you like the most about your role here? 

It would have to be that I am part of building this great system—Concur. I am part of bettering Concur and helping to improve it to create more efficiency for Gallagher. I don’t have any direct staff in my role, but I am part of something big, and supporting a system which the entire organization utilizes.

How would you describe Gallagher's culture? 

To me, the culture is supportive and relaxed. The Gallagher Way drives our culture and diversity, making it a good place to work for so many nationalities and diversities. People gravitate here because of how the employees are treated and supported in their roles. This is the reason many of us have long tenures at AJG—it ties back to the fact that we are appreciated and recognized for our work. 

How do you see your future at Gallagher? 

I plan on being here until I retire. Right now I am finishing up school and see nothing but good things ahead. I enjoy working for my manager, Cara, and I am hoping to accomplish a lot this coming year and continue to have an impact in my role.

You were recently promoted. Can you talk to what types of opportunities Gallagher provides in regards to moving up in the company?

Senior leadership recognizes employees for a job well done and appreciates a strong work ethic. If you get in front of people and do a good job, it will be recognized and you will be rewarded.

If you had one piece of advice for someone coming into a similar role at Gallagher, what would it be?

Be open, ask questions and be yourself.