Foundation Event Hiking

Our Foundation was born in 2016, out of a need to look at things differently and consider the impact that we as a business have on society, to stop and remember the bigger picture. The world we work in is fast-paced and can be all consuming but the one constant is the social responsibility businesses have to give back, to go beyond profit and loss and to strive to have a positive impact on wider social issues whether through financial donations or volunteering time and resources.

Since 2016, our team has run ultra-marathons, climbed mountains, volunteered at hospices, planted a sensory garden and even built a school, while raising over £500,000 through donations and sponsorships.

Vision & Values

The cornerstone of the Foundation is to move the dial; we focus on smaller charities for whom our involvement can make a profound difference. We wanted to give our employees the opportunity to give something back, both to their own personal causes through matching their sponsorship efforts, and by choosing a small number of causes that we feel we could make a difference to.

What the Charities say

“We feel increadibly privilaged to have worked with Capsicum Re Foundation*, who raised a phenomenal amount to help us build a vocational school. With 25% of the population living below the poverty line, the school gives disadvantaged youngsters the chance to learn a trade and secure employments.”
Gina Parker, Co-Founder and Trustee, Nepal Youth Foundation

“The new garden is simply wonderful. We are delighted to provide a sanctuary where our children and families can create lasting memories. They can explore nature in such an uplifting space in which the variety of sensory elements offer life-limited children a connection to the world around them.”
Chris Baker, Richard House Childrens Hospice Chief Executive

“The work of the Capsicum Re Foundation* in supporting Stacey’s Smiles was and remains to be fantastic, we are so grateful for their efforts. They ensured we had sufficient funding to support famalies staying at our holiday home, giving them precious time together away from the hospital.”
Steve Nash, Fundraiser, Stacey’s Smiles

*On October 1st 2020 Capsicum Re Foundation rebranded to Gallagher Re Foundation, to align with its parent company Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.