Cyber as a class continues to perform profitably despite rising attritional losses, with demand for cover surging and significant rate increases being seen across the board. In this, our latest white paper, we explore how capacity is under pressure as a result and a classic supply and demand imbalance has arisen.
Cyber Re-Insurance

As our paper outlines, this ‘imbalance’ has uniquely positive consequences for providers of capital and sets out why this is such an exciting time for all those involved in the cyber insurance value chain.

We look in depth at how the (re)insurance market has responded to the wider cultural and technological shifts as new ways of working and broader industrial advances take shape. And we detail how the distinctive and dynamic ability of cyber as a class of risk to react quickly to the changing threat landscape makes this a market rife with opportunity.

On behalf of the specialist cyber reinsurance team here at Gallagher Re we hope you find this paper interesting and insightful, and hope it stimulates further discussion as to the various opportunities such market conditions are creating.

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