We are a risk and reinsurance advisory team for the life marketplace that provides a unique suite of advisory services designed for insurers, reinsurers, distribution groups, and capital market entities. Our team - strong in actuarial skills, financial expertise, and product knowledge - has an average of 30 years' experience in the life and reinsurance industry. We specialize in asset-intensive liabilities and focus on assisting clients with Life, Annuity, and LTC insurance transactions.

Reinsurance is being used in all areas of the Life industry – life insurance, capital-focused transactions, both open and closed annuity blocks, pension risk and long-term care funding products. The emphasis and structure will vary according to the type of provider, the product under consideration and the objectives of the insurer.
Driven by the expertise and strategic execution of the Life Solutions Group, Gallagher Re provides a broad range of capital management, risk transfer, structuring and advisory, and program enhancement solutions that are tailored to specific needs and objectives.

Value Adds

  • Access to large, diverse marketplace which drives competition and identifies new partners.
  • Market intelligence of business terms and conditions to verify value and accuracy.
  • Strong market relationships facilitate quick and cooperative negotiation.
  • Market expertise of economic, structural, or contractual risks.
  • Recommend optimal structure to meet transaction objectives, and minimize counterparty and other scenario-dependent risks
  • Solutions to mitigate all types of execution risks.

Challenges Facing the Life Insurer

We have an in-depth understanding of the key challenges faced by today's life insurer, many of which can be solved or mitigated by well-designed reinsurance solutions:

  • Low Rates - Prolonged low interest rate environment puts pressure on asset intensive businesses.
  • Return on Equity - Underperforming legacy businesses drag down overall return on equity.
  • Regulatory Pressure - Uncertain regulatory pressures like solvency and capital changes, and reserve rulings.
  • Surplus Challenges - Surplus challenges created by volatility, and the need to become a self-supporting entity.
  • Growth Opportunities - Pressure for growth opportunities for companies with deployable capital.
  • Corporate Balance - Competing frameworks for accounting, regulatory, rating, and economic capital.

How Gallagher Re Assists Clients

Today, reinsurance for life companies is about more than just hedging mortality risk. Reinsurance can optimize capital utilization to support the bottom line.

Manage Capital

  • Reinsure asset intensive business, prior to changes in RBC asset factors.
  • Unlock embedded value of closed blocks.
  • Improve ROE by structuring solution for older legacy business with low returns.
  • Optimize capital efficiency with intra-group transactions.02

Manage Risk

  • Reinsure blocks to maximize RBC covariance.
  • De-risk balance sheet to improve ERM metrics.
  • Dispose or acquire specific risks, for example, balance life and annuity in-force.
  • Analyze new and existing reinsurance programs for optimal balance of risk and reward.

Grow Sales

  • Enter new market, with new product.
  • Enhance competitiveness of products or riders.
  • Leverage reinsurer expertise.
  • New business strain relief.