Gallagher Re’s Mortgage Indemnity Reinsurance team is one of the very few specialist reinsurance intermediaries in the market to have provided critical mortgage solutions before, during, and after the global financial crisis.

Alongside active broking relationships in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Latin America, that experience has left the team with a deep understanding of international mortgage markets and the supply of reinsurance capacity, and therefore an ability to offer a unique perspective in support of governments, regulatory bodies, lenders, reinsurers and the capital markets, always through enduring partnerships.

Gallagher Re backs innovations such as the creation, with Arch Re, of the new ‘IMAGIN’ Integrated Mortgage Insurance product for Freddie Mac, which spreads US risk to new markets to reduce the liability of US taxpayers. Meanwhile, the team is returning niche-market risk from areas like the Channel Islands, Spain, Israel and Slovakia – absent since the financial crisis – to reinsurance markets in London and further afield.

Mortgage indemnity products

  • Mortgage indemnity reinsurance
  • Unique mortgage risk solutions and consulting services
  • Reinsurance into the US Mortgage Government Sponsored Entities
  • Retrocession solutions
  • Mortgage MGU solutions for new reinsurance capacity
  • Structured consortia capacity and management
  • Lender capital relief on mortgage portfolios via a structured portfolio cover transactions