Gallagher Re’s global facultative reinsurance team listens analytically to clients’ challenges to frame perfectly fitting solutions that exceed industry norms. Encompassing specialist knowledge, a breadth of expertise and global reach, the facultative reinsurance team is well qualified to deliver expert risk management solutions, to advise on the complete range of solutions, and to support customers’ multi-class portfolios on either a spot or tactical facultative basis.

As a trusted partner to customers, our team consistently delivers unrivalled advice, informed by an ability to understand and respond to unique challenges. For example, Gallagher Re may manage portfolios to remove peak risks that spike reinsurance programmes, source catastrophe protection across binding authorities, or bundle risks by class, risk appetite, or both.

Global Facultative Products

  • Natural Catastrophe Covers
  • Booster Lines
  • Hybrid risks including Portfolio solutions (Tactical Fac)
  • Reinsurance Facilities
  • Consortiums

Specialty areas include:


  • Municipalities
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial Property
  • Heavy & Process Industry
  • Terrorism

Natural Resources

  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • On-Shore Energy
  • Renewables