Automotive Specialty Solutions

The Automotive industry is rapidly expanding and requiring solutions for anything from management liability and workers compensation to more specialty offerings for those businesses in this realm.  At Gallagher, we provide risk management services and insurance products to cover all of your unique exposures.  Listed below are just a few of the specialty programs that we offer.    

Our Auto Auction Garage Liability program includes auto liability and premises liability coverages. Within the Auto Auction solutions, auto liability protects clients that may manage the business operations for auto auctions, care of vehicles pre- and post-events, vehicle test drives or working with contract drivers to deliver vehicles on behalf of your business. Also, under this plan, your employees are covered during business hours as well as any time they are handling their usual business responsibilities - such as vehicle preparation and storage or delivering a vehicle accordingly. 

Premises liability insurance protects you should someone be injured on your property. It does not cover employees as they should be protected under your workers compensation program.

Dealer's Open Lot coverage helps to insure the physical damage caused to your vehicle, but one of the most important criteria for this protection requires that the dealer is 100% insured based on the current value of the vehicles as well as other considerations. Assessment factors for creating your policy include the wholesale cost of your inventory, vehicles, vehicle storage, number of drivers and more.

Our Gallagher Motorsports Dealership Protection Plan brings you leverage in the markets, allowing you to protect your organization’s assets on a cost-effective basis. We are not only your risk management consultant, but also your partner.  We know your industry and will work with you to assess your risk management needs and provide the appropriate program to meet these needs. We take pride in our reputation as an established company with a proven track record of positive results with dealerships across the country.  When you partner with us you will have the confidence of knowing you are backed by the only plan endorsed by the Gallagher Motorsports Dealership Protection Plan.