When we recognize innovation, we like to share it.

Within the Aviation realm, extensive knowledge and resources are invaluable to effectively identify and manage your risks while remaining fiscally balanced and structurally sound. We are updating our resource materials and educational offerings, but here are some materials that might be useful to you and your teams.

  • Light Aircraft Market Review 2019 [ Article]

    In the first two months of this year, Gallagher Aviation met with management of the largest insurers of light aircraft. Several common themes emerged from these meetings.

  • Liability limits and the reality of wrongful death litigation [ Article]

    The question of “how much liability insurance should I have” is actually a very complex one that involves consideration of many factors, including whether the named insured is an individual or a company, the type of corporate vehicle (C Corp, LLC, partnership), the financial worth of the named insured individual or company, the applicable laws of the state in which the individual or corporation is located, and even the risk tolerance or willingness to accept risk versus the cost of purchasing higher liability limits.

  • Risk Management for General Aviation [ Article]

    In a complex world, insurance is just the start of risk management and asset protection in the aviation industry. At Gallagher Aviation, we firmly believe that our clients deserve more. Gallagher Aviation provides preferred access to experts for the most pressing issues in general aviation. Aviation law. Safety management systems and IS-BAO audits. Emergency response planning and family assistance plans. Our partners, carefully chosen for their experience and knowledge, work at preferred rates on your behalf as part of Gallagher Aviation’s client services.

  • Bound and Determined: Controlling Risk Exposure Through Your Contracts [ Whitepaper]

    Contracts are a necessary evil in commercial general aviation. Whether you are a charter operator, MRO, flight school or full-service FBO, you no doubt have numerous contracts placed in front of you to “review,” but really to sign.

  • Understanding the Evolving Landscape of Drone Technology & Regulations [ Whitepaper]

    The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) has increased dramatically in recent years. Drones — small, unmanned aircraft that are operated remotely — are in the news daily. The strong marketing of the devices to the public - combined with decreasing costs - has helped proliferate these devices, yet the regulation of them remains lenient. Learn more about the ABCs of drone technology.

  • What Everyone Should Know About Aviation Insurance [ Article]

    Various factors have driven the growth in aviation insurance including massive increases in capital to insurance markets and huge increases in rates and premiums following the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001.

  • Violent and Malicious Acts Coverage: Are You Prepared? [ Whitepaper]

    Introducing a coverage designed to help you move forward after the unthinkable happens. Available exclusively from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

  • Directors and Officers Liability in Aviation [ Whitepaper]

    Within the Aviation industry, it is crucially important to secure protection under Directors and Officers liability which is designed for an organization’s leadership team in the event you are sued due to the performance of your duties relative to the company.

  • Environmental Liability in Aviation [ Whitepaper]

    Environmental liability is a legal obligation caused by the past or by the ongoing manufacture, use, release, or threatened release of a particular substance – or by activities that adversely affect the environment or human health. Every organization, especially aviation operators and service providers, may have some degree of exposure to it.

  • Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce [ Whitepaper]

    Organizations across the U.S. are finding themselves dealing with a unique phenomenon that few had anticipated, let alone prepared for―how to deal with an aging workforce. The primary “culprit” in this is the “Baby Boomer Generation,” which includes those born from 1946 to 1964. The overall medical severity tends to be higher for older workers than younger workers across all diagnoses.

  • Turboprop Fleet Report - Q2 2017 [ Newsletter]

    We are reviewing twin- and single-engine turboprop segment activity since 2nd Quarter 2016. While much has changed, including the addition of the Quest Kodiak 100 to our roster, many stalwarts remain.

  • Rotor Wing Fleet Report - Q2 2016 [ Newsletter]

    As we pass the midpoint of 2016 I can’t help but reflect upon the changes in the rotor wing industry over the last 12 months. Just when we got used to calling EuroCopter by its Airbus Helicopters name, Agusta throws us two rebranding curve balls. Therefore, the 2016 Chameleon Award goes to AgustaWestland, which has morphed twice in the last 12 months: from AW to Finmeccanica and now to Leonardo. Let’s examine how they fit into the current market.

  • Turboprop Fleet Report - Q2 2016 [ Newsletter]

    Once again we review the top 12 single and twin turboprop aircraft, now 13,812 airframes strong worldwide. In total 221 airframes were built in the last 12 months and losses remain light and stable.

  • Turbo Prop Fleet Report - Q2 2015 [ Newsletter]

    Once again we are reviewing the top 12 single and twin turboprops in this workhorse segment representing 13,598 active airframes worldwide. In total 89 new aircraft were produced during the second quarter within this 12 aircraft segment. And we continue to enjoy very low domestic losses.

  • Rotor Wing Fleet Report - Q2 2015 [ Newsletter]

    In dramatic fashion, helicopter deliveries--which previously had been split evenly amongst all OEMs between U.S. and international customers--went decidedly international in the second quarter at a rate of four international helicopters delivered for each U.S. delivery. While we were all distracted with the Chinese stock market meltdown and economic woes of Greece, rotor wing OEMs were soldiering on, albeit with non-U.S. deliveries.

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  • Aerial Mosquito Control - Volume 3, Issue 1 2015 [ Aerial Mosquito Control]

    Aerial Mosquito Control highlights issues from the mosquito abatement aviation community. In this issue: Planning for Worst-Case Scenarios, Safety Manual for First Responders, What’s in Your Emergency Response Plan and In The Wings.

  • Fly Low, Fly Safe - Volume 7, Issue 1 2015 [ Fly Low, Fly Safe]

    Gallagher Aviation publishes Fly Low, Fly Safe, the newsletter for the aerial applications industry, with news, trends and analyses of the issues that affect agricultural aviation. In this issue: The Slippery Case of Surfactants and Drift, A Better Way to Serve You, Safety Manual for First Responders, Beyond Aircraft: What’s in Your Emergency Response Plan, On the Horizon and Mark Your Calendars for the 2015 NAAA Show