Insurance solutions provide a safe landing

It’s all about knowing and adapting to the market. Gallagher Aviation’s team is experienced in delivering coverages, solutions and services to help evaluate and manage your risk exposures.

By partnering with you, we can help assist in identifying and implementing the most optimal insurance coverages. This can be combined with industry-leading emergency preparedness, safety and loss control.

>What Everyone Should Know About Aviation Insurance

>Risk Management for General Aviation

Agricultural aviation has played a vital role in the advancements in food production and yields-per-acre. Some of today’s commercial airlines even have their origins in crop-dusting. In order to help manage costs for our valued – but shrinking farming industry, you need an insurance broker who can address the unique variables of your agribusiness.

Today, your expensive, high-performance equipment relies on global positioning, satellite technology to track and record flight paths and performance. Gallagher aviation experts have a long history in aerial applicators, risks and insurance solutions. Let our team work help to deliver reduced client costs, timely assistance and core expertise to support you.

As one of the largest global aviation insurance brokers, the Gallagher aviation team can leverage its market influence to help deliver the best protection with an eye on cost control along with prompt and uncompromising levels of service. Our aircraft management clients range from small fleets to the largest in the world.

Flight Crew Support Services, Aircrafts Storage and Maintenance

You operate a multi-faceted business. One component is the storage and maintenance of some of the most intricate, complex and expensive machines ever designed. Another component is delivering aviation support services while complying with and adhering to a myriad of regulatory guidelines. Some of these efforts include planning and scheduling, concierge offerings and accounting assistance for flight crews and other operations personnel. Let us help you with certificate issuance, contract review and claims management.

Unique Programs for International Carriers to Small Commercial Airlines

Your airline moves people and cargo around the world every day, so insurance is critical to your operations. Our Gallagher aviation team helps to identify the risks, arrange protection and design cost-effective plans for every type of airline operation.

And similar to your business, we understand that placing your insurance is just one of the components of our support. Our team knows you require timely assistance and uncompromising levels of service – from certificate issuance and contract reviews to claims processing.

Every airline encounters challenges from workers compensation programs and claims – whether it’s for a single individual or thousands of pilots, flight attendants, ground personnel or mechanics. The Gallagher Aviation team helps design and manage your airline workers compensation insurance plans to minimize costs and simplify administration. 

In addition to Gallagher Aviation’s core coverages, our specialty services, solutions and coverages include:

  • Airport general liability insurance
  • Agricultural aircraft insurance
  • Emergency response insured solutions
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Rotor-wing liability
  • Air ambulance services insurance
  • Airport operations and ground handling services
  • Aircraft Management Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations
  • Cargo airlines coverages
  • Banks and lessors contingent insurance solutions
  • Foreign operation and political risk management solutions
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle insurance

>Aviation Directors and Officers Liability

>Environmental Liability in Aviation

>Rotor-Wing Coverage: Are Rotor-Wing Insurance Rates Going Up?

>Aviation Safety Management Systems

We’ll conduct quarterly in-person or teleconference meetings with your team to best evaluate the status of current and trending claim issues.

To help understand and identify a comprehensive view of your risk exposure, we will:

  • Conduct a physical inspection of your operations including the flight line
  • Review essential on- and off-premises issues
  • Identify all appropriate aircraft insured value with your assistance
  • Review all contracts for insurance compliance
  • Meet with key maintenance personnel periodically
  • Develop and nurture long-term relationships with our underwriting partners

Helicopter Risk Solutions – Aviation Programs Outside the Box

Since 1936, helicopters have demonstrated the ability to maneuver through situations nearly impossible for any other type of aircraft. Your risk concerns include protection for passengers, personnel and equipment. Coverages help to address liabilities relative to:

  • Travelling to oil platforms
  • Leisure travel and site-seeing destinations
  • News reporting
  • Transporting business executives and tourists
  • Providing emergency medical services and more

Gallagher’s aviation practice has an entire team devoted solely to light aircraft flown for pleasure or personal business. If you fly it, we insure it. Gallagher has decades of expertise insuring every aircraft in the marketplace, from single-seat kit planes you build in your garage to technically advanced aircraft. Our light aircraft team works with all major aviation underwriters and has been a pioneer in developing programs to help the general aviation community operate safely and securely. Our aviation insurance professionals are considered experts in the issues that matter to you and to the underwriters who insure your aircraft. From hull liability issues to recurrent training, both manufacturers and underwriters seek our counsel. That expertise translates to better service, stronger relationships and more competitive rates for you.

To fill out an online quote application, visit, or call our office at 877-475-5860 for more information.

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Private Transport Aircraft Programs

VIP-configured aircraft and operations transport some of the most prestigious and demanding individuals within diverse industries and businesses. Your private aircraft generally require comprehensive asset protection against such issues as catastrophic loss with an immensely higher risk from a liability perspective. Whether it’s some of your favorite sports teams, entertainers, film crew or world leaders, it’s likely that Gallagher provided the insurance for those visitors’ flights.

Fixed-Base Aviation Operators

Fixed-base operators (FBO) provide primary services to general aviators around the world. Your FBO business may operate parking and tie-down services, hangar storage, maintenance, flight training, rentals and sales, air taxis and charters. In addition, you might offer passenger ground handling, baggage and cargo services, in-flight catering and more. Our Gallagher Aviation team is committed to help protect all aspects of your operations.

The Gallagher aviation experts develop aviation client risk solutions and services to help protect you and minimize your risk exposure. These solutions include:

  • Loss control and risk management services to help prevent or reduce claims – while controlling program costs.
  • Unique risk transfer solutions that address alternate deductibles, vertical quota sharing, minimum/maximum loss funds and coverage carve-outs.

Maintaining consistent outreach and communication with you – and offering updates to the latest issues in safety and loss control offerings from underwriters. 

>Financing Your Insurance Premiums