Contract Surety programs to suit your unique projects

Gallagher Construction has an unparalleled depth of surety experience. We understand the construction business, and the attendant challenges, risks and rewards you face each day. Based upon the needs of our clients, we routinely place business with over 30 surety markets. Given the volume of business we generate, our Gallagher team has regular visits with senior leadership at these sureties. As a result, we are “plugged in” with our major markets as to industry trends, issues and even benchmarking data and analysis. Best of all, we share this market intelligence and information with you - our clients.

And we know there is no out-of-the-box solution for surety bonds. We view many of our bonds as unique for each client and their circumstances - while at the same time being about to deliver some of the best commercially available terms in the surety industry. Unusual bond issues we've encountered include:

  • An odd bond needed for the permit to set up a dedicated fueling system for the corporate aircraft
  • The bonds needed to resolve an owner’s concerns in a complicated supplier lien situation
  • Import or export bonds
  • Special project bonds
  • Bonds associated with an infrequently encountered court situation such as the repossession of equipment

Creating new and innovative surety coverages that adapt to an evolving marketplace is part of our value proposition. This could include "Green" construction and even LEED-certified buildings that are driving new designs in architecture and construction. We routinely place bonds in Canada, Puerto Rico, Central and South America, the European Union and the Pacific Rim.