Customized solutions for complex issues

The Gallagher Energy Practice recognizes the countless and continually evolving issues that industry organizations encounter today. We offer specialty solutions for many of these situations.

Gallagher introduces its new Localized Energy Demand Degree Days Weather Risk Mitigation Program (LE3D) to assist electricity retailers. Weather and climate risks are a significant challenge for electricity retailers. We see it in the news all the time. Given the vast range of weather-related issues occurring throughout the U.S. - particularly in 2014, experts in the Energy industry are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact these situations are having on consumers and businesses. It includes everything from utility pricing volatility and the risks associated with extreme weather.

Electricity retailers have a new option to better manage and mitigate their operational and financial risks. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. now offers the LE3D solution.

>Gallagher LE3D Weather Risk Mitigation Program (PDF)

When unspeakable tragedy strikes, what do you do? Often left with unanswered questions, we're unsettled by the very nature of these occurrences. As you manage through a growing list of items, too often there appears to be a corresponding list of unanticipated expenses — most of which would normally fall outside of your existing coverage.

Violent Malicious Acts (VMA) coverage is designed to help you and your community move forward after a tragedy. It insures the extended loss of revenue and/or necessary extra expenses you incur in order to continue the normal conduct of your organization’s operations following a violent malicious act, without the requirement for property damage.

Violent Malicious Acts Coverage Flyer (VMA)

Through an exclusive agreement with Disaster Management International (DMI) and Lloyd’s of London, your Gallagher team can provide you with Disaster Management Services as an insurance offering. DMI will respond in the event of any natural disaster or man-made catastrophe affecting multiple lives (defined as five or more) and potentially resulting in multiple fatalities and/or injuries.

Disaster Management Services provides a full-scale, almost concierge-type response to the human side of a disaster for both types of catastrophes: the violent events that cause injuries and fatalities, and catastrophic events of almost every nature. This includes floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, plane crashes, earthquakes, fires, vehicle accidents, political/international events causing harm as well as other disasters. Services provided include onsite management of the incident; injury and fatality management; medical services coordination; behavioral health services; psychological first aid; coordination at your principal location of business (media management, crisis communication, government liaison); family assistance; and victim and family travel management.

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    For more organizations these days, they usually find out too late that if a disaster situation occurs which impacts their property, their employees, their customers/clients or more, their liability coverages may have exceptions for issues associated with disaster. Several Gallagher practice teams offer Disaster Management Services coverages with policies underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.