You have great talent on your team. Keep them committed with Gallagher's benefit programs.

Your organization is unique. Your benefits, compensation and human resources programs should be, too. In supporting you, we know no detail is too small to address. You’re confronted by rising healthcare costs, workforce issues, hiring challenges, legal risks, competitive positioning, financial strategy and compliance requirements. 

The Gallagher Entertainment Practice team will help you craft a tailored solution that balances your unique priorities, goals and financial realities. Together, we’ll design a total rewards program encompassing your benefits, compensation, retirement and wellness plans — so they all work together to deliver significant, sustainable value for your employees and organization alike.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Executive benefits
  • Health and welfare services
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Human resource services
  • Healthcare reform consulting, which can help you proactively manage the strategic, financial, and operational impacts of healthcare reform on your organization
  • International benefit services
  • Retirement services
  • Voluntary benefits 

Like you, we keep our ears to the ground to stay on top of the latest challenges and advances in your industry. We delve into your industry’s data to better understand the marketplace. The end result is a level of engagement that generates insights and informed recommendations to help your organization thrive.

Learn how our holistic approach can help you address your organizational challenges and create a total rewards program that can strengthen your organization. The end result could help improve your employee relationships and reinforce your competitive position for years to come.