Refining the tracks with our Recording Studio Insurance Program

In the past, your choices were limited when it came to selecting an insurance program for your recording studio business. Now, your Gallagher team offers a program exclusively designed for the challenges and risks encountered by recording studios. The Gallagher Recording Studio Insurance Program has the coverages you have been looking for but couldn’t find in other policies. It includes risk coverage for all gear that belongs to you, along with similar gear belonging to others that is in your care, custody and control.

The Gallagher Recording Studio Insurance Program coverage features:

  • 10% loss-free credit — new feature (dependent on the policy premium)
  • Computer viruses
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Coverage for borrowed/rented gear
  • Theft by any party
  • Full replacement value coverage
  • Electrical disturbances
  • Fire coverage
  • Coverage for damaged media
  • Comprehensive business liability coverage
  • Coverage for gear in transit and away from the studio

>Recording Studios Insurance Overview

The fast-paced activity of the recording industry requires an insurance program that addresses its highest priorities: protection of valuable equipment, performers, and of course, the recording studios. When it matters most, our Recording Studio program stands out — just read some comments from some of our clients.

Sear Sound (Walter Sear)

“After dealing with a semi-anonymous insurance agent for the past 30 years, meeting Joe was a refreshing experience. The rates were lower and the benefits and coverage were broader and very specific to this industry.”

Electric Lady Studios (Lee Foster)

“When a major flood from a broken pipe severely damaged our studios, The Recording Studio Insurance Program responded as promised. Their fast payment and help finding professional manpower for clean-up and repairs helped us get up and running quickly.”

Record Plant Remote (Kooster McAllister)

“The Recording Studio Insurance Program has been the most comprehensive recording studio insurance package we’ve seen. The capable assistance we’ve received in this specific area of insurance has gone above and beyond our expectations and resulted in considerable savings.”

Black Dog Studios (Jonathan Kerley)

“A fire at our studio from a pinched wire damaged our live room. Then, the water destroyed the gear in the control room and we lost everything but the building shell. The Recording Studio Insurance Program and Peerless Insurance Co. helped restore, clean and settle the insurance claim. We were up and running better than ever in six months.”

Zac Recording (Jim Z.)

“Finally, an insurance program so specific along with an insurance agent who understands the recording industry, what a great combination... saved me thousands and provided better coverages.”

Worldwide Audio (Georgia Hilton)

“A severe off-premises electrical disturbance made our main dub stage console take several hits to the main DSP tower, console surface, I/O systems and various power supplies within those sub-systems. The Recording Studio Insurance Program helped us out in a number of ways; first, they worked with us in an attempt to recover our Neve Capricorn because we didn’t want to replace our console at the time. After it was determined that the Neve wasn’t recoverable they helped us compare three other comparable console manufacturers to replace our Neve console and give us the same functionality. Once we chose a console The Recording Studio Insurance Program wrote us a check, not only for the console and installation fees, but in time to secure a commitment for an HBO project. We have been up and running ever since.”