Because benefit details matter

When you’re in the business of buying and selling companies, every detail counts. Reduce your exposure before, during and after a merger or acquisition, by aligning with a partner who digs deep to unearth opportunities and set you up for success.

A collaborative partnership. 

You’ve found the nugget. Now it’s time to turn it into a gem. What are the liabilities that stand in your way? Where are the hidden costs? With Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., you have an advisor who takes an interest in your business and can partner with you through the diligence and hold period to drive value, lower costs and align your benefit goals with the financial goals of your company.

Gallagher’s national practice focused on advising private equity firms is led by a dedicated director with local teams who operate near you. That means you have constant access to on-the-ground support coupled with a holistic view to guide your strategy before, during and after mergers and acquisitions. We go deep into the portfolio company to understand the risks and cost drivers, and work closely with you to uncover problems and identify solutions that make sense for you. It’s all about collaboration between you and your Gallagher advisor. Strategy is driven by your unique mission and culture.

A wealth of resources.

At Gallagher, our analytical expertise is the backbone of our process. Solutions are data-driven, using proprietary benchmarking processes and metrics. Our analysts provide real-world data to help you navigate complex issues surrounding tax liabilities, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and more. By dealing with a dedicated team at Gallagher, you have single-source access to our resources and knowledge to minimize disruptions, keep employees productive and protect your profitability.

Invest with confidence.

Talk to a Gallagher advisor today. Discover how we can help secure your investment through creativity, ingenuity and partnership. Let’s work together to build value and reduce risk.