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Every day our specialists are focused on risk management and insurance solutions for the financial institutions industry.  This client-centered focus is designed to keep our finger on the pulse of industry news and developing issues.  As we discover relevant resources about hot topics and trends, we share them with you to help optimize your research time and efforts

  • Gallagher Offers Broker-Dealer Customized Insurance with CORE360 [ Case Study]

    A member of the Gallagher Financial Services Practice contacted an independent securities broker-dealer (consisting of approximately 500 registered representatives/financial advisors) and inquired about their current E&O program.

  • Gallagher Delivers Savings & Enhancing Coverage with CORE360 [ Case Study]

    Gallagher received a call from a bank CEO who was exploring brokers, as they had received several recommendations to contact Gallagher regarding the bank’s insurance program.

  • Market Conditions 2017 – Asset Manager Management & Professional Liability [ Market Report]

    While the future regulatory landscape under the new administration is still uncertain, the outlook in the insurance marketplace for asset manager management and professional liability insurance remains predictable. 2017 appears to be another year of favorable purchasing for asset manager insurance, on the heels of two plus years of soft market conditions.

  • Market Conditions 2017 - FI Broker-Dealer [ Market Report]

    Consolidation of independent broker-dealer firms and preparation for the “Fiduciary Rule” are two pressing issues impacting the retail investment industry. Last year, the retail investment industry experienced major change.

  • Market Conditions 2017 - Financial Institution Bond [ Market Report]

    Financial Institution Bond insurance renewal premiums fell within a “stable” range (+/- a few percentage points) in 2016. Internal distractions within three of our top-ten financial fidelity insurers (Ace/Chubb merger, AIG’s fidelity restructuring and Zurich’s diversified financial restructuring) diminished the level of competition in 2016, and we expect this lackluster competition to continue into 2017.

  • Market Conditions 2017 - Financial Institutions-Banks [ Market Report]

    The Management Liability insurance marketplace for Banks remained highly competitive throughout 2016, largely due to an abundance of underwriting capacity fostering competition among insurers.

  • Market Conditions 2016 - Financial Institutions - Banks [ Market Report]

    This report reviews the current management liability state of the market, current trends in pricing, terms and market capacity, claims activity and other pertinent factors specifically for the banking industry. Lastly, we provide a forecast of anticipated market conditions in 2016.

  • Market Conditions 2016 - Financial Institution - Bonds [ Market Report]

    Favorable loss ratios and new capacity led to improved market conditions in 2015. Commercial banks with healthy risk profiles saw flat renewal premiums.

  • Market Conditions 2016 - Broker-Dealer Insurance Marketplace [ Market Report]

    This market report will provide a snapshot on current industry topics, industry E&O snapshot, claims activity and our forecast for 2016.

  • Market Conditions 2016 - Asset Manager Management & Professional Liability [ Market Report]

    In 2015, we saw a pronounced shift in the asset manager professional liability insurance market, beginning the year as relatively stable and finishing as very soft. This time last year, we were seeing all of the earmarks of the beginning of a soft professional liability insurance market for asset managers.

  • Market Conditions 2016 - Insurance Company Professional Liability (ICPL) [ Market Report]

    In 2015, primary insurers were disciplined in their underwriting for the most part. Increases varied based on the risk characteristics, but for most accounts, year-over-year increases were generally flat despite the fact that some carriers were targeting higher increases.