Rising every morning across our great land

Vital to our country, our lives and our economy, the Agribusiness and Food Processing industries are the backbone of America. And it’s been a part of the Gallagher passion since early on.

Gallagher’s Food and Agribusiness team understands agricultural economies, food processing operations and grocer industry issues and needs. For over 75 years, Gallagher Food and Agribusiness specialists have worked with clients in the farming, agribusiness, food processing, vineyards and grocery industries to provide in-depth expertise, specialized knowledge and responsiveness for insurance and risk-financing alternatives. We know your risk management program is crucial to your success and profitability.

Your food processing protection team 

We have food processing specialists working with many processing clients which have exposures similar to the agribusiness area.  With many unique risks facing food processors, we provide the knowledge and expertise to help identify your liabilities and protect your profitability.  There can also be a large concentration of issues relative to processing plants, and we design programs to include equipment breakdown coverage, product recall, food spoilage and food safety-related coverage and other protection solutions. 

Your company needs a partner with specialized food and agribusiness insurance knowledge. The Gallagher Food and Agribusiness team brings you leverage in the national and global insurance and reinsurance markets, allowing you to protect your organization properly and on a cost-effective basis.

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