First-hand knowledge from bedside to boardroom

How will you compete for quality employees on a tight budget? It takes industry knowledge, an eye for detail, and a dedicated team that knows how to assess healthcare industry trends and identify untapped opportunities.

We will help you solve the challenges of operating a sustainable healthcare organization while meeting the needs of your employees and your community. Gallagher’s Healthcare Practice will help you create a total rewards program, one that gives you a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the top talent that will drive the community to your organization.

Our benefits and compensation consulting services are designed to address the needs of your clinical and support staff as well as create incentives and a sense of loyalty for employees to use the resources owned or affiliated with your healthcare delivery organization. We can also help you reduce costs by working with you to reorganize staffing models and manage absenteeism. The end result is mitigating cost and risk while aligning your organization with the needs of employees, clinicians and the community you serve.

Gallagher can strengthen your organization with:

  • Relevant, proactive risk management strategies and real-world insights to address a constantly changing healthcare landscape
  • Customized benefit plans that attract and retain top talent as well as address the requirements of PPACA and a diverse workforce, expert human resource management, communication and data warehouse support, and guidance for a successful migration from a “fee for service” to an outcome-based, accountable care delivery model
  • A national practice solely focused on the healthcare industry and its unique challenges

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