Increasing exposures? Consider taking greater care of your risk.

From simple first dollar programs to large, complex, alternative-risk financing options, we provide flexibility and success in managing our clients’ risk. We do more than place insurance, we become an extension of your risk management team. Our focus is proactive, so clients can meet the dynamic needs of healthcare reform by focusing on quality initiatives and outcomes. We offer the assertiveness, creativity and attention of a boutique firm as well as the resources of a large, international organization, which allows us to deliver results that reduce clients’ long-term cost of risk.

Is it time to consider a Private Exchange? Everyone is talking about Private Exchanges, but what are they? What are the advantages of a Private Exchange? Is now the time to consider one?

Just like with employee benefit needs, there is no single answer to the question whether the time is right for a company to adopt a Private Exchange. The answer depends upon many factors that are unique to each company.

Our goal is to help you answer these questions, by getting to know the issues related to your organization’s financial goals, the alignment of your total rewards philosophy and overall organizational strategy, your acquisition and retention of talent, your employee engagement and regulatory and legislative compliance. Talk with a Gallagher Health & Welfare consultant to learn more about our solutions.

With the increasing complexity of healthcare and health insurance, employees and their families require more assistance in navigating their benefits and will look to their employers to provide assistance. Gallagher provides a number of employee advocacy services run by dedicated teams of claims experts and customer service professionals such as:

  • Resolution of claims issues
  • Billing and enrollment
  • Benefits and coverage questions
  • Wellness initiatives 
  • Employee communications
  • Health risk appraisals

Some of the employee advocacy programs we have available include:

  • Benefit Advocate Center
  • Participant Advocate Link (PAL)
  • Wellness Programs
  • Disease Management and Case Management

Are you constantly fielding questions on your employee’s personal benefits? Need an easy-to-use solution that gives your employees the access they need to their personalized benefits information? Connect2MyBenefits provides personalized, up-to-date communications and decision support tools for employers and employees to support the entire workforce life cycle - from hire to retire. It serves as a virtual, HR assistant providing employers and employees with the personalized information they need, when they need it. Key benefits include:

  • Improved service to employees with fewer HR resources
  • Increased effectiveness of employee communications
  • Reduced administrative costs

Designed to be your turnkey HR Intranet, Connect2MyBenefits can be up and running in a minimal amount of time. With 24/7 access, employees and dependents can access essential information and tools without needing to contact HR.

How would you like having one-click access to your Gallagher consultant? Or secure electronic access to share documents back and forth with your Gallagher account team? At Gallagher, we believe that building strong relationships with our clients and keeping the lines of communication open is the cornerstone of our success and that is why we developed GBS Insight*. GBS Insight uses a powerful portal framework to deliver secure, personalized online access to the latest information and tools you need to effectively manage your company’s human resource and employee benefit needs.

GBS Insight offers the following complimentary core features:

  • My Desktop ― A personalized workspace providing one-click access to all of your online insurance business needs with Gallagher. Store your most frequently used internet links or contact any one of your Gallagher account team members with a click of a mouse. Additionally, My Desktop also offers you valuable insight to the latest industry updates through daily news feeds from HR & Benefit Essentials.
  • My Documents ― A personal directory of the documents you and your Gallagher account team can share. You can upload, download, and edit any document in your company folder and be assured you and your Gallagher account team are the only individuals that will access your company’s documents.
  • My Benefit Plan ― A benefit plan manager that provides convenient electronic access to your comprehensive employee benefits plan. This can help improve employee customer service and enable more competitive and cost-efficient employee benefit packages by having your benefit plan readily available at your desktop.
  • My Service Requests ― A secure message board where you can submit, respond to, and track service requests containing private health information to any member of your Gallagher account team.

In addition to the complimentary core features, GBS Insight will provide you with the optimum flexibility to add the following services to your personalized desktop:

  • HReSource ― A powerful search engine and information repository powered by HR & Benefit Essentials that delivers human resource, employee benefits, compensation, employment and regulatory issue information with the depth and breadth you need to get your job done.
  • Additional Gallagher Technology Solutions ― A convenient way to gain single sign-on access to additional technology solutions available through Gallagher. We will store your usernames and passwords and provide you with one-click access to our technology solutions. Technology solutions currently available through GBS Insight include SmartBen, Connect2MyBenefits, and GBSInsider.

*If you are a participating client to GBS Insight, click here to log in.

Take the most tedious, time-consuming work off your plate and help shield your organization from legal liability by partnering with Gallagher. As part of our integrated service delivery approach, Gallagher offers complete in-house eligibility management, consolidated premium statements and COBRA administration. Our robust technology platform gives everyone on your Gallagher account team a single point of access to ensure accuracy and efficiency and your customer service and consulting contacts all have access to the same information as does your administrator.

Billing & Eligibility Management

Offering a selection of benefit options is a proven way of increasing employee satisfaction – but comes at the cost of complicated administration. To help you solve the challenges of benefits administration, Gallagher provides a professional outsourcing solution so you never have to see another carrier bill again.

Gallagher’s billing professionals prepare a single consolidated monthly premium statement tailored to your needs (i.e. by division, location or profit center). You’ll receive and review a single billing statement every month and make one payable request to your accounting department. Our solution also includes:

  • Trained billing administrators with industry tenure
  • Real-time enrollment and eligibility status tracking
  • Employee advocacy and issue resolution
  • Distribution of premiums and fees to carriers
  • Direct feeds from your HRIS/payroll systems
  • Online enrollment option
  • Group Benefits Administration System (GBAS) with weekly feeds to eligibility systems of over 35 top carriers
  • HIPAA and SOX compliant databases and record-keeping systems

COBRA Administration*

COBRA continuation coverage is a highly regulated area of benefits administration, requiring meticulous tracking of notices and premiums. Gallagher provides a professional outsourcing solution that takes COBRA administration –and its legal risks – completely off your hands.

When an employee terminates, HR notifies Gallagher. From that point onward, our COBRA professionals will manage the entire process with the qualified beneficiaries, including sending notices, collecting and remitting premiums, answering questions and handling any issues. Gallagher shields our clients from penalty liability through a special contractual provision unique in our industry. Our service agreement guarantees reimbursement of penalties our clients may incur as a result of any potential error.

Our COBRA Administration solution also includes:

  • Trained COBRA administrators with industry tenure
  • Production, delivery and tracking of all required notifications
  • Collection and remittance of premiums
  • Monthly management reporting and open enrollment materials
  • Support for COBRA participants
  • Legal compliance resources, advice and education for HR
  • Secure records retention and HIPAA-compliant procedures
  • Errors & Omissions insurance coverage and penalty indemnification

*For Billing & Management Eligibility clients only.

One of the most confusing aspects of medical malpractice insurance is the concept of a "claims made" policy, and how it differs from a traditional "occurrence" policy. That's where our Gallagher medical malpractice experts can help. Occurrence policies, such as a typical auto policy, assign a claim to the appropriate policy based on the date of the occurrence. For example, an auto policy has a policy period that provides coverage from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009. January 1, 2010 is the start of a new policy period. If you have an auto accident on December 22, 2009, but don't file a claim until January 5th, 2010, coverage would be provided under the 2009 policy, which is when the incident occurred.

Claims-made policies, by contrast, will cover any incident that occurs after the retroactive date. Claims-made provisions evolved because insurance companies struggled to manage occurrence malpractice policies, due to what is often a long statute of limitations. As a result, carriers were unable to wind up the books on policy years. This led them to develop claims-made policies, which allow for better reporting and simpler accounting. And while there are some benefits to claims- made coverage, extra care must be taken to ensure that there are no gaps in policy terms or coverage.

When evaluating your exposures and selecting your coverage, keep the following items in mind:

  • Gaps in Coverage: All physicians should make sure that they do not have any gaps in their coverage. Gaps generally occur when a physician's retroactive date no longer matches that person's original retroactive date, and there is no tail policy that covers that period of time.

  • Prior Acts Coverage (a.k.a Nose Coverage): When switching to a new insurance company under a claims-made policy, you can often request prior acts coverage. This simply means that you are asking them to honor the retroactive date shown on your current policy. Depending on the situation, some insurance companies may be hesitant to agree because the physician has already seen many patients since that retroactive date, and one could become into a claim.

  • Extended Reporting Endorsement (a.k.a Tail Coverage): This is a unique characteristic of a claims-made policy. Most insurance companies offer tail coverage to physicians at the time they leave the company or cancel their policy. This endorsement allows the physician additional time after the policy period ends to report claims. It is important to read the policy language to see whether this additional time is unlimited or there is a set number of years for claims to be reported.

Senior Living Coverage

Since 1986, our experienced professional staff has built an enviable reputation designing and delivering effective risk solutions for the Senior Living industry. We know that with its unique and complex exposures, the Senior Living industry requires brokerage services with specialized programs, staff, and resources (including education, training and certifications.

Senior Living Risk Partners provides all aspects of risk management to its insureds - with a proven track record of success and service. Our Healthcare industry solutions help provide many protection coverages for care and treatment at and including:

  • Long-term care facilities
  • Home health care agencies
  • Wholesale and retail pharmacies
  • Physicians and hospitals
  • Diagnostic service providers
  • Durable medical equipment providers and more

Long-Term Care Provider University (LTCPU)

In addition to on-site visits, we have developed Long-Term Care Provider University, an online university at, to provide risk management resources to clients via the convenience of the internet. For more information on this program, please contact Martha Acker at 205.414.2640, or send an email.

Alliance for Long-Term Care Quality Improvement (ALTCQI) 

The Alliance for Long-Term Care Quality Improvement (ALTCQI) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide long-term care health professionals with the training and education needed to successfully improve the quality of care and quality of life experienced by nursing home residents. For more information, please visit

We offer many more healthcare-related and senior care programs. Please contact our office for more information.

>Click here to download, save or print our Senior Living program overview (PDF).

Our regulatory billings errors & omissions product provides protection to healthcare provides against billing error allegations by governmental and commercial payors. 

Coverage includes:

  • Indemnity & defense protection from regulatory fines and penalties associated with billing errors
  • Shadow audit and claims expenses
  • Defense against state and federal qui tams and other False Claims Act cases
  • EMTALA, Stark and HIPPA proceedings
  • Prior acts available

The MedSecure E&O policy form is underwritten by certain Lloyd’s of London syndicates, thus offering some of the most financially secure insurance available in the commercial marketplace.

> MedSecure E&O Coverage Information 
> MedSecure E&O Overview

The increased use of technology in the healthcare sector, as well as the changing regulatory environment (i.e., HIPAA), has created additional burdens for healthcare organizations. A privacy breach is a major reputational issue in the short term. However, properly managing a privacy breach is the most effective way that an organization can win back patient and consumer confidence and loyalty. Gallagher’s Cyber Risk team offers solutions to help healthcare organizations seeking peace of mind and balance-sheet protection. Solutions include:

  • Breach preparedness
  • Respected breach response attorneys
  • Notification and credit/identity monitoring services
  • Privacy liability insurance including coverage for regulatory defense and fines and penalties

Hospitals and medical facilities have numerous pieces of critical equipment, such as cardiology/stress systems, clinic and lab equipment, nuclear medicine, radiology, office automation, and networks and servers. These key pieces of equipment often come with numerous maintenance or service agreements to negotiate and maintain.

The goal of Gallagher’s Equipment Maintenance Management Program is to take all of the service or maintenance contracts for an operation and combine them into one single-service contract (MSA). In addition to support and cost savings, the program provides multiple ongoing reporting benefits. It can assist with JCAHO and other reporting requirements by tracking all ongoing equipment maintenance. It also allows your MSA carrier to provide recommendations on replacing equipment based on failure rates, when needed, and is able to compare your loss data to industry standards.