Customized solutions for complex issues

The Gallagher Higher Education team recognizes the countless and continually evolving issues institutions encounter today. We offer specialty solutions for many of these situations.

  • Drone Coverage Solutions for Colleges and Universities [ Article]

    Gallagher’s Higher Education Practice offers exclusive coverage to protect your institution from emerging risks arising from the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

  • Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study: Managing the Risk of Minors on Campus [ Whitepaper]

    This Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study - Managing the Risks of Minors on Campus addresses some of the challenges and risks associated with having minors on your campus. This could include anything from college visits, sports events, etc. Study contributors and participants include a variety of experts from top colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

  • Cyber Risk for Higher Education [ Whitepaper]

    Colleges and universities rely heavily on technology to collaborate on projects, address financial and medical information, transmit grades, provide class schedules and conduct general awareness. A cyber breach for these organizations represents significant risk as well as damage to their reputations.

Terrorism is a dangerous issue that can affect any of us, including higher education institutions worldwide. A critical response program is a necessary component of a risk management program.

The Gallagher Higher Education team works to implement RapidResponder® solutions with its clients based upon their unique issues and needs. Rapid Responder was developed and tested over a five–year period and is one of the only products on the market developed by safety professionals. Prepared Response (Rapid Responder) underwent a rigorous application process for more than a year that included a lengthy technical and economic evaluation before being awarded Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Certification in 2006.

Rapid Responder has been implemented at more than 2,000 campuses across 12 states, and is the most widely deployed educational institution crisis management system. In addition to providing the technology, our team will bring together all the necessary partners, build team consensus for each facility’s emergency plans and help develop community-wide crisis readiness. Our services include an orientation meeting, collaborative pre-incident planning meetings with institution personnel and their responder partners, the digital mapping process, data entry and training sessions. 

Numerous colleges and universities have been dramatically impacted by catastrophes and natural disasters, particularly during the past decade. These impacts have been broad-reaching given the international presence of many institutions. The perils include all naturally occurring events including earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires. In addition to maintaining active engagement with the Higher Education industry and our clients, Gallagher’s Higher Education Practice has significantly benefited from regular “think tank” sessions with institutions primarily throughout the United States. We listen as they discuss the issues they have encountered and how they managed them.

We know that no geographic area is immune to natural disasters. We anticipate similar events in the future. The unknown is when and where they will strike. The world, and higher education, will continue to suffer injury and destruction from natural perils along with secondary effects from damaged infrastructures. Implementing a comprehensive program is critical to reducing risk exposure, implementing preparation procedures and ensuring a substantial recovery plan. For more information on disaster planning, please visit the Disasters & Emergencies area or our Knowledge Center.

When it comes to helping higher education institutions meet their compensation study needs by designing and implementing aligned compensation and benefit solutions that are sustainable and support the institution’s mission, vision and values, Gallagher’s team of human resources and compensation experts have the right experience and resources.

If you are looking for best-in-class outcomes, no matter your size or location, Gallagher’s higher education compensation consulting team can help. The process starts by first understanding your culture and values before comparing pay levels with peers to determine the alignment of values and rewards. You can rest assured in the fact that your Gallagher compensation consulting team will test for fairness and develop guidelines for future pay decisions. The results? Higher education clients gain confidence and confirmation in their employee compensation decisions and often discover opportunities to more effectively spend.

Services include:

Faculty Compensation Consulting

  • Total compensation competitive analysis
  • Performance evaluation
  • Pay compression analysis
  • Peer compensation comparison
  • Race and gender equity studies

Employee Compensation Consulting

  • Total compensation competitive analysis
  • Job evaluation:
  • Job and salary structure development
  • Market pricing
  • Performance evaluation
  • Pay compression analysis
  • Peer compensation comparison
  • Race and gender equity studies

Staffing Analysis

  • Staffing levels by function and department
  • Staffing ratios and work volume

Fair Labor Standards Act Reviews

  • Examination of exempt and non-exempt status

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When unspeakable tragedy strikes, what do you do? Often left with unanswered questions, the very nature of these occurrences leaves us unsettled. As you manage through a growing list of items, too often there appears to be a corresponding list of unanticipated expenses — most of which would normally fall outside of your existing coverage.

Violent Malicious Acts (VMA) coverage is designed to help you and your community move forward after a tragedy. It insures the extended loss of revenue and/or necessary extra expenses you incur in order to continue the normal conduct of your organization’s operations following a violent malicious act, without the requirement for property damage.

Violent Malicious Acts Coverage Flyer (VMA)

Through an exclusive agreement with Disaster Management International (DMI) and Lloyd’s of London, your Gallagher team can provide you with Disaster Management Services as an insurance offering. DMI will respond in the event of any natural disaster or man-made catastrophe affecting multiple lives (defined as five or more) and potentially resulting in multiple fatalities and/or injuries.

Disaster Management Services provides a full-scale, almost concierge-type response to the human side of a disaster for both types of catastrophes: the violent events that cause injuries and fatalities, and catastrophic events of almost every nature. This includes floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, plane crashes, earthquakes, fires, vehicle accidents, political/international events causing harm and other disasters. Services provided include onsite management of the incident; injury and fatality management; medical services coordination; behavioral health services; psychological first aid; coordination at your principal location of business (media management, crisis communication, government liaison); family assistance; and victim and family travel management.

  • Disaster Management Services: How will you respond? [ Article]

    For more organizations these days, they usually find out too late that if a disaster situation occurs which impacts their property, their employees, their customers/clients or more, their liability coverages may have exceptions for issues associated with disaster. Several Gallagher practice teams offer Disaster Management Services coverages with policies underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.