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Every day our specialists are focused on benefit solutions, risk management and insurance protection for the hospitality industry. This client-centered focus is designed to keep a pulse on the industry and key issues. As we discover relevant resources for hot topics and trends, we want to share them with you to help minimize your time and effort, and simplify your research. 

  • Sexual Harassment Liability in the Hospitality Industry [ Whitepaper]

    As of January 1, 2018, hospitality employers in the city of Chicago must provide “panic buttons” for room attendants and restroom workers who work alone.

  • Fourth Quarter 2017 Real Estate and Hospitality Market Update [ Market Report]

    2017 has thus far been a $125BB (and counting) year of property disasters ranging from the floods of Biblical proportion with Harvey to the devastation of Irma and the categorical wipe out of Puerto Rico inflicted by Maria. These events aka “HIM” are roughly estimated in excess of the $125bb of insured losses and don’t take into account the $3.3bb of wild fire losses in Northern California.

  • Pool Procedures [ Whitepaper]

    It’s that time of the year again. Temperatures are rising and families are making their summer vacation plans. Since most households in the U.S. do not have a swimming pool, a hotel pool is a very sought after amenity.

  • First Quarter 2017 Real Estate and Hospitality Market Update [ Market Report]

    Professional Liability is becoming more complicated by the day and it’s not just the owners/managers who are concerned, but also many attorneys and generic insurance agents don’t understand the exposures and the options. Given the personal nature of the liability for the owner/manager, we cannot stress enough the importance of working with a specialist.

  • Gallagher Saved REIT Management 22% with CORE360 [ Case Study]

    We received an opportunity to review the insurance program of a hotel REIT when there was a shift in their management team.

  • Market Update: Third Quarter 2016 Real Estate and Hospitality [ Market Report]

    Cyber espionage, Zika, hurricanes and catastrophic wild fires and flooding throughout the world have made insurers and reinsurers more tentative, resulting in a slowdown of the double-digit price cutting trend that insurance buyers have enjoyed for the past eight quarters. At the mid-year point, property rates for most asset classes with decent loss histories were still falling but recent reinsurance renewals and new directives to “not chase down rates” from some of the biggest names in underwriting point to a leveling out in premiums.

  • Real Estate & Hospitality Market Update: Spring 2014 [ Market Report]

    The British are coming… and so are the other EU markets, Asia and a host of domestic carriers who are flooding the property insurance market with additional capacity. For more information from the Gallagher Real Estate and Hospitality Market Update for Spring 2014, please click on the market report headline.

  • Real Estate and Hospitality Market Update: January 2015 [ Market Report]

    The Gallagher Real Estate & Hospitality Market Update - Winter 2015 provides a recap of the industries' insurance and risk issues in 2014 as well as a 2015 market forecast. The report notes that 2014 was one of the most benign loss seasons in history. Insured losses were down 38% over the last year.

  • Preventing an Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease [ Article]

    Legionnaires’ disease, a type of pneumonia, is caused by the legionella bacterium. These bacteria are commonly found in natural environments such as lakes, streams, rivers and moist soil. Typically, the levels of the bacteria are low in natural settings and will not cause illness. More commonly, Legionnaires’ disease is contracted from bacteria found in man-made bodies of water and in potable water systems. Common locations for the presence and growth of the legionella bacteria include hotel plumbing systems, air conditioning units (cooling towers) and indoor fountains and hot tubs. For these reasons and more, it’s easily understandable as to why the hospitality industry is at high risk for Legionnaires. This article details exposure situations and how to help prevent them in hotels and resorts.

  • Employee Theft, Fraud and How Hotels Can Manage the Risks [ Article]

    The United States economy remains fragile after the worst economic period since the Great Depression. The hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard, experiencing decreasing occupancy and steeply declining REVPAR. Staffing levels and staff hours reduced - and employees are being asked to forgo pay raises while their workloads are increasing. These factors are creating “the perfect storm”. Hotel employees are apprehensive and concerned about their job security. Their uncertainty, coupled with personal financial strains is resulting in the prevalence of numerous fraud triangles. This article details the most common liabilities with this issue for the hospitality industry and how to best address your risk exposure.

  • Real Estate & Hospitality Year-End Market Update 2013 [ Whitepaper]

    Typhoons, European flooding and a host of other natural disasters plagued the world in 2013, but the U.S. was relatively unscathed. That makes 2013 one of the most benign catastrophe years in history. Despite the outcome, we're not out of the woods. This whitepaper offers some thoughts on looking ahead to potential issues and risks in 2014.

  • Real Estate & Hospitality 2013 Mid-Year Update [ Whitepaper]

    While claims from Superstorm Sandy may still be open, the lingering effect on the property market has been negligible for most areas who did not suffer a loss. Sadly, some property and casualty brokers share a reputation similar to some real estate sponsors who just want the cash in the door, and fail to disclose the details on erroneous real estate information to the markets. If so, the unsuspecting customer can be left with little or no coverage.

  • Building Effective Claims Processes [ Article]