When your organization is in need, whom do you turn to?

People turn to you when they are in need, but whom do you turn to when facing challenges that impact your mission as a nonprofit organization?

Increased operating costs, inconsistent revenue streams and relentless scrutiny from the public, the media and your board can make it difficult to pursue your mission. When you have a partner who shares your values and works every day to specialize in your sector, then your goals are within reach.

The Gallagher Nonprofit Practice is focused on organizations like yours. For decades, Gallagher has been serving the needs of nonprofit organizations and social service organizations as consultant, insurance broker, agent, loss control specialist and claims advocate. We can help your organization by working closely with you and your teams to understand your mission and the barriers you face to achieving your goals or the opportunities that might be in front of you for growth. We can help you build sustainable solutions, so you can focus, move your mission forward…and even reclaim dollars for mission! Let the Gallagher specialized team help you manage your risk, attract top talent with well-structured benefit programs, and run your operations more efficiently so you can continue doing great and noble work.

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Whiteboard Wisdom for Nonprofits

Partnering with the national Nonprofit Risk Management Center (www.nonprofitrisk.org), Gallagher’s Nonprofit Practice has produced a compendium of online resources for nonprofit board members, leaders, staff and volunteers. These short video vignettes (avg 3 minutes) are meant to sustain awareness of the many risks and responsibilities we as nonprofits have to make sure we fulfill our mission and have the impact we truly aspire to as community-based organizations. We can never totally prevent mishaps but we can hold forth our ‘duty of care’ as a responsible institution and contributing member of society.




Hopefully these short vignettes get the conversation going at your organization! We also encourage you to give us your feedback on a topic, the content or even on other topics you would like to see us champion as well over time. Click here to contact us.