You serve the public. We serve you.

Every day, there are a myriad of organizations such as emergency responders, state and local governments, taxing districts and municipalities that keep our communities running and safe. They deliver basic necessities and services such as safe schools, patrolled streets, clean water, fire protection and more. The Gallagher Public Sector team can help you support these employees by providing solutions for your risk management and benefit needs.   

That’s what we do best. Gallagher has built its reputation on using our expertise and a deep understanding of our clients and their needs to tailor risk management solutions for them. That’s why public sector clients come to us and trust us to manage their risk.

Risk management challenges at the state, county, parish, city, town or village level are similar. There are budget issues versus risk exposure; current and new coverage requirements; and liability concerns. With over 40 years of public sector insurance and benefits experience, our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the specific risk management needs and requirements you face. We dive into your operations to understand your organization, its people and your long-term objectives. Then, we tailor comprehensive risk management solutions to help minimize your unique risk exposures, optimize performance, control costs and losses and improve value. We serve government entities of all types, including but not limited to:

  •   State governments
  •   Counties and parishes
  •   Cities, towns and villages
  •   Special taxing districts

> State Governments Services and Coverages Overview

> Government Contractors Brochure

More than any other public service entity, emergency responder organizations are regularly exposed to, and entrusted with the public’s safety. We view our responsibilities in supporting you the same way. The Gallagher Public Sector team is a leader in emergency responder risk management. We have worked with fire departments, police and sheriff departments, detention facilities and ambulance operators. From vehicle loss to facility safety assessment programs, we help minimize your risk exposure, optimize your insurance coverage and lower your cost by delivering comprehensive, customized programs to address your unique risk issues. 

>Emergency Responders Services and Solutions Overview (PDF)

Education is the foundation and the heartbeat of our society. As you focus on educating students, let us focus on you, study what you do (your facilities, services and people) and the unique risks you face. Once we begin working with you, we’ll tailor a risk management solution optimized for you — not just your sector. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is the leader in scholastic risk management and benefit solutions with a reputation built upon our expertise and deep understanding of scholastic issues.

From exposure identification and insurance placement to workplace policy and safety training — we provide comprehensive risk management services. The power of our Scholastic Practice is that we can give you access to every risk management product or service you might need. We serve scholastic entities of all types, including but not limited to:

  •   School districts (K-12)
  •   Individual schools
  •   Private schools
  •   Charter schools
  •   Non-traditional facilities

Risk Management for Schools and School Districts Overview

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