You have risk management challenges. We have solutions.

In some respects, the needs and requirements of various public entities might be similar. Yet how they’re structured, how they function and their risk exposures may vary significantly. That’s why you can’t take an off-the-shelf solution and expect it to perform adequately relative to these issues. 

Our Gallagher team offers a host of services that are always custom-fit to help mitigate your risks while minimizing costs. Our solutions include:

  • Insurance brokerage
  • Risk management consulting
  • Loss control services
  • Cyber bullying training and coverage
  • Violent Malicious Acts coverage
  • Disaster Management services
  • Insurance pools
  • Alternative risk financing
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Tools and technology support
  • Claim advocacy and management
  • Student accident and travel coverage

At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. we offer innovative public sector risk management solutions, services, tools and consulting support. As you know, that’s just the foundation. We offer everything from insurance brokerage to enterprise risk management.

Within the Public Sector realm, we believe that implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) plan is a multi-year and multi-phase process - the speed of which should be controlled by you – the client. We can provide consulting advice throughout the entire implementation process, or you can select services that meet your specific needs in each phase. Our role is to collaborate with you, consult and advise to create appropriate deliverables and outcomes while assisting your organization in building a robust and sustainable ERM program.

The ERM process we utilize is consistent with the principles, framework and process of ISO 31000, the international risk management standard. For more information on ERM, please visit our Enterprise Risk Management Solutions section. 

>Enterprise Risk Management Overview: Phases & Options (PDF)

As one of the leading insurance brokers in the world, Gallagher provides access to one of the largest carrier networks you can find. But unlike most brokers, that’s just a starting point. We tailor our solutions to those ever-changing needs. Gallagher’s Public Sector specialists understand that no two public entities have the same risk profile. That’s why we know you cannot expect an off-the-shelf solution to meet your exact needs or perform to your exact standards. Yet stock boxed options are what a lot of risk management providers deliver. You deserve to be viewed and supported as unique as your offerings.

Our partnership extends far beyond your policies and coverage. Our specialists will help you understand and manage your total cost of risk. Whether this means helping you focus on preventing losses by implementing effective loss-control programs, understanding emerging risks or dealing with compliance issues, we are with you every step of the way.

The most efficient way to lower your total cost of risk is to institute a comprehensive public sector risk management program that includes controlling risk transfer costs. Our programs include that as well as a loss control program aimed at educating, training and preventing losses before they happen.

As your risk management partner, Gallagher’s Public Sector Practice will help develop and implement a loss control program tailored to your situation. We’ve seen nearly every type of risk, and our programs focus on recognizing and preventing problems before they happen. Our programs generally include:

  • Loss analysis, trends and stratification
  • Exposure analysis and assessment
  • Program management
  • OSHA citation assistance
  • Property fire protection engineering
  • Safety training
  • Enterprise risk management

>Gallagher's Loss Control Services - Scholastic (PDF)

Gallagher’s Public Sector team also offers specialty wholesale broker solutions for self-insured public and scholastic entities and pools. We focus on excess insurance and reinsurance where the client assumes a portion of self-insured retention. Within that, we deliver a total solution with coverage needs, from program design and structure to market access for all lines of coverage. This includes: 

  • Access to dedicated teams of specialists worldwide who work exclusively on public entity and scholastic projects.
  • Long-term industry experience, established market relationships and clout that drive our ability to deliver the best pricing and coverage terms for clients.
  • Commitment to responsiveness and high professional standards to ensure timely, quality results every time.

Target Segments

  • Individual self-insured solutions or insurance pools
  • Scholastic entities including: K-12 public schools, K-12 large, single-school districts and public and private colleges and universities
  • Public entities including: cities, counties, towns, water authorities, sewage and sanitary districts, transit authorities and housing authorities

Programs Features 

  • "A"-rated carriers
  • Premiums based on individual loss history
  • Programs are non-assessable
  • Underwriting profit returned to the insured

 Preferred Account Characteristics

  • Target premium of between $150,000 and $1 million
  • The desire to move from guaranteed cost to an alternative risk transfer program
  • A discernible management commitment to loss control and workplace safety
  • Firms having solid financial performance
  • The desire to take control of insurance costs

Because our specialty alternative risk programs feature a risk-sharing element, the foundation of our products is based upon superior underwriting and a true commitment to workplace safety and loss control. These solutions are ideal for employers who are interested in achieving long-term cost stability.

Gallagher claims experts are seasoned professionals with insurance industry experience from serving as claims adjusters, supervisors, managers, insurance company claim trainers and high-end claim consultants. With a proven track record of reversing seemingly impossible situations and turning them into favorable ones for our clients, our strategy is based on the belief that no one individual can be an expert in all lines and facets of the dynamic claims arena. You're served by a team with significant expertise in workers compensation, medical management, litigation management, general liability, automobile liability, and property damage and property exposure and adjudication — including business interruption and catastrophic claim intervention. 

Our mission is to ensure our public sector clients maintain the most advantageous loss history possible. When difficult scenarios arise, you want to know you are well protected. Our claims experts have evidence that they can and will do that time and time again. We pride ourselves in being the best in the world at what we do.