Risk management isn’t the place for cookie-cutter solutions.

Just as you tailor your business to evolving market conditions, we tailor risk management solutions to the changing needs of your business. Our public sector experts have a deep knowledge of your industry and work with you to provide solutions to meet your risk management and benefit needs.   

Unlike regular insurance programs, we recognize that no one school is alike and understand that proper insurance is important to both the schools and the students they serve. Scholastic First Insurance was created as a direct response to schools needing customized insurance options that provide the right coverage at the right price. It is the first insurance and safety program designed for schools by school leaders and school insurance experts. Backed by top-rated, reputable and stable insurance companies, Scholastic First Insurance uses an aggregate that places schools together in one program. This creates a large premium base that stabilizes rates in hard economic times, helping charter schools budget more money directly toward the classroom.

With over $10 million premium base and insures over 500 charter schools, Scholastic First Insurance is saving schools an average of 10-25% off their original premiums while offering broader coverage with higher limits. Many of our clients use the money saved on insurance to fill that new teacher position, buy computers, create staff development programs and take students on educational field trips. We understand that every school is unique and accept a wide range of schools, including:

  • New charter/private schools
  • Established charter/private schools
  • Charters/private schools operating multiple school sites
  • Religious or secular charters and schools
  • For-profit or nonprofit charters/private schools
  • Schools of all sizes

One-2-One Risk Solutions is a comprehensive, web-based administrative platform dedicated to the management of accidental loss and damage to school-issued 1:1 electronic devices. This special program helps students and parents by offering a nominal annual cost in exchange for a damage waiver that works much like a collision damage waiver in the car rental industry. In turn, schools are able to establish an internal loss fund to pay for repairs and replacements as needed. The concern over loss and damage has kept many schools from moving toward a 1:1 academic model. Our experience and introduction of this program into the marketplace will help schools solve one more piece of the puzzle in realizing their long-term technology goals.

When unspeakable tragedy strikes, what do you do? Often left with unanswered questions, we're unsettled by the very nature of these occurrences. As you manage through a growing list of items, too often there appears to be a corresponding list of unanticipated expenses — most of which would normally fall outside of your existing coverage.

Violent Malicious Acts (VMA) coverage is designed to help you and your community move forward after a tragedy. It insures the extended loss of revenue and/or necessary extra expenses you incur, in order to continue the normal conduct of your organization’s operations following a violent malicious act, without the requirement for property damage.

Violent Malicious Acts Coverage Flyer (VMA)

Through an exclusive agreement with Disaster Management International (DMI) and Lloyd’s of London, your Gallagher team can provide you with Disaster Management Services as an insurance offering. DMI will respond in the event of any natural disaster or man-made catastrophe affecting multiple lives (defined as five or more) and potentially resulting in multiple fatalities and/or injuries.

Disaster Management Services provides a full-scale, almost concierge-type response to the human side of a disaster for both types of catastrophes: the violent events that cause injuries and fatalities, and catastrophic events of almost every nature. This includes floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, plane crashes, earthquakes, fires, vehicle accidents, political/international events causing harm and other disasters. Services provided include onsite management of the incident; injury and fatality management; medical services coordination; behavioral health services; psychological first aid; coordination at your principal location of business (media management, crisis communication, government liaison); family assistance; and victim and family travel management.

  • Disaster Management Services: How will you respond? [ Article]

    For more organizations these days, they usually find out too late that if a disaster situation occurs which impacts their property, their employees, their customers/clients or more, their liability coverages may have exceptions for issues associated with disaster. Several Gallagher practice teams offer Disaster Management Services coverages with policies underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Concerned about changing classification and compensation study needs? With proven, customized job analysis and ranking methods, Gallagher’s Human Resources and Compensation Consulting Practice (HRCC) has in-depth expertise and resources specifically tailored to meet public sector employer needs.  No matter your size, structure, or location, Gallagher’s HR and compensation experts can help ensure best-in-class outcomes from your organization.

The process begins with a consultative dialogue to discover your organization’s unique cultural needs, administration capabilities, and structure.  Based on this discussion, Gallagher’s team of specialists will recommend a path forward selecting from our various resources, which includes the DECISION BAND METHOD®; FLEXPOINT™, a point factor plan, and JFACS™, an automated system.

Classification and Compensation Studies

  • Design of internally and externally equitable compensation systems
  • Analysis and evaluation of job classification and compensation practices:
  • Alternative pay systems
  • Compensation surveys and structuring of salary ranges
  • Development of policies, controls, and procedures
  • Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay Act, Civil Rights Act and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance review

Performance Planning and Evaluation

  • Definition of position objectives and standards of performance
  • Pay for performance systems
  • Performance appraisal programs
  • Motivation and performance improvement systems
  • Diagnosis of personnel practices, problems, and attitudes

Organization Reviews and Human Resources Planning

  • Review of department objectives, functions, policies, procedures and practices
  • Operations audits of department efficiency and effectiveness
  • Development of human resources goals, strategies, organization structures, work flow, and job designs
  • Organizational change management and organizational alignment
  • Group process facilitation

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