Holistic solutions drive your mission forward.

As a religious organization, you’re under intense scrutiny to control operating costs, run efficiently and engage employees who can help you make a real and lasting difference. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. can help with holistic solutions that address employee benefits, compensation, risk management and HR. We’ll identify ways to save money and streamline your organization, so more of your budget goes to your core ministry. Reducing your risk is our calling.  

Analytics, audits, assessments and other tools provide a true picture of your organization and its employees. The data we collect helps identify upcoming budget challenges so you get ahead of trends and can allocate your limited income streams more efficiently.

Our vast experience with religious organizations provides additional advantages. Gallagher advisors bring insights and clarity to complex issues, so whether you’re working through the details of healthcare reform, discussing employee benefits with your board or addressing the compensation challenges of a non-traditional workforce, you have a partner who understands your challenges and can help you get measurable solutions.

You’re on a mission. So are we.

With Gallagher, you get like-minded commitment from an engaged partner. We attend the same conferences you do and serve other religious organizations that are doing good work, just like yours. This gives us a unique understanding of your business model as well as the importance of maintaining great relationships with the public, your board, the media and your employees. We’ll help you stay engaged with all of the above.

Our mission is a lot like yours: to serve, advise and make a difference. Contact a Gallagher advisor today and learn how our collaborative partnership can free up budget dollars for your core ministry.