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  • Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability: Risky Business? [ Whitepaper]

    Your company depends on computer technology infrastructure to efficiently conduct its day-to-day business, but this growing dependence on information technology also puts your company at risk for exposure known as “cyber risk.”

  • Workers Compensation: Fall 2013 State of the Market [ Whitepaper]

    Despite improvement in insurer underwriting results in 2012, the workers compensation market continues to be challenging to both employers and insurance carriers alike. To gain a broader sense of this situation, review the Gallagher Workers Compensation — Fall 2013 State of the Market whitepaper.

  • Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce [ Whitepaper]

    Organizations across the U.S. are finding themselves dealing with a unique phenomenon that few had anticipated, let alone prepared for―how to deal with an aging workforce. The primary “culprit” in this is the “Baby Boomer Generation,” which includes those born from 1946 to 1964. The overall medical severity tends to be higher for older workers than younger workers across all diagnoses.

  • A Minute for Safety: Accident Investigations [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Accidents happen every day and for many reasons. Usually, they're the result of people, equipment or surroundings failing to perform as expected. A thorough accident investigation procedure is an important part of any safety program. It helps an employer understand what caused the accident and what can be done to prevent a recurrence.

  • A Minute for Safety: Electric Equipment Safety―Avoiding Electric Shock [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Electrical current is found in power lines, transformers, breaker boxes and power outlets. Exposure to an electric current can cause shock, injury and even death. Proper maintenance of equipment and thorough employee safety training can reduce your risks.

  • Risk Management Safety Insight: Safety Communication Across Languages [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    As the Hispanic/Latino population in the United States increases, the workforce will continue to see a rise in Spanish-speaking employees. Studies show that these workers are more likely to be killed in work-related accidents than their non-Spanish speaking colleagues―often due to training, safety and communication materials presented only in English.

  • A Minute for Safety: Hearing Protection Devices [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    To protect worker hearing, employers should conduct sound surveys, control noise exposures, enroll affected employees in a hearing conservation program and provide hearing protection. Hearing protection devices (HPD) such as earmuffs and earplugs can be an effective measure to protect hearing in noisy work environments.