When we recognize innovation, we like to share it.

Within the Transportation industry, enhancing your knowledge and resources are invaluable to effectively identify and manage your risks  - while remaining fiscally balanced and structurally sound. We are updating our resource materials and educational offerings, but here are some materials that might be useful to you and your teams.

  • December 2018 Transportation Safety Topic: Cargo Theft [ Transportation Safety Newsletter]

    America’s vast economy moves on the wheels of rigs, large and small. We all know that if you’ve got it; a truck or van brought it. Unfortunately, thieves know that too and cargo theft remains a constant concern.

  • Thanksgiving—reasons to be thankful. [ Transportation Safety Newsletter]

    Those of us in the transportation industry have a tendency to get caught up with loads, roads, equipment, paperwork, cell phones, iPads, computers and GPS. As a result, we sometimes forget some very important things about our industry and the careers we have chosen.

  • Transportation Safety Topics - October 2018 [ Transportation Safety Newsletter]

    The only way to prevent these very dangerous and expensive crashes is to maintain proper following distance and to control your speed so that no matter what happens in front of you; YOU can avoid a collision. To learn more download this month's newsletter.

  • September 2018 Transportation Safety Topics Newsletter [ Transportation Safety Newsletter]

    If your vehicle is subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, pre-trip inspections, en-route inspections and written end-of-trip inspections are required. It is important that we all work together to keep all of the equipment safe and efficient and ensure violation-free inspections. To learn more, download this months Safety Topics Newsletter: Inspections.

  • August 2018 Transportation Safety Topics Newsletter [ Transportation Safety Newsletter]

    A recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute found that lane changing can be one of the most dangerous moves on the road. According to the study, of the violations that greatly increase a driver’s likelihood of being involved in a crash, two involved lane changing.

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  • Risk Management Safety Insight: Safety Communication Across Languages [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    As the Hispanic/Latino population in the United States increases, the workforce will continue to see a rise in Spanish-speaking employees. Studies show that these workers are more likely to be killed in work-related accidents than their non-Spanish speaking colleagues―often due to training, safety and communication materials presented only in English.

  • Un Minuto para la Seguridad - La Seguridad en el Manejo de Disolventes [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Un Minuto para la Seguridad es publicado por Gallagher en Rolling Meadows, Illinois. La información contenida en esete boletin se ha obtenido de fuentes que a lo major de los escritores conocimientos son auténticos y confiables.

  • A Minute for Safety - Working Safely With Solvents [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    A Minute for Safety is published by Gallagher, in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The information contained in this newsletter was obtained from sources that to the best of the writer’s knowledge are authentic and reliable.

  • Un Minuto para la Seguridad - Distracciones en el Sitio de Trabajo [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Algunas distracciones e interrupciones en el sitio de trabajo son inevitables, pero otras—si no están debidamente controladas o reguladas—pueden conducir a lesiones, pérdida de productividad y disminución de la moral de los trabajadores.

  • A Minute for Safety: Workplace Distractions [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Some workplace distractions and interruptions are unavoidable, but others—if not properly controlled or regulated—could lead to injuries, lost productivity, and a decrease in worker morale.

  • A Minute for Safety - Personal Hygiene [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Personal hygiene is the basic concept of cleaning, grooming and caring for our bodies. While it is an important part of our daily lives at home, personal hygiene isn’t just about combed shiny hair and brushed teeth; its important for worker health and safety in the workplace.

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  • CORE360™ Boosts Your Risk Management Program and Saves You Money [ Case Study]

    Gallagher partners with NAW to serve the wholesale distribution industry. We recently worked with several NAW members to achieve significant improvements within their business insurance programs.

  • Selecting the Right Broker Leads to Great Results [ Case Study]

    A global logistics company with 30 international locations and a diverse business interviewed multiple insurance brokers. Their decision to interview brokers was driven by their current broker’s lack of international presence and expertise, but they thought they were getting good results on their domestic program. The company narrowed down their choice to two options: Gallagher and one of our largest competitors. They chose Gallagher because we actually addressed specific problems we would fix in their insurance program, rather than only talking about our capabilities. They recognized that “biggest isn’t always the best” in their own business and believed this concept would apply to insurance brokers too.

  • Gallagher Delivers Savings & Enhancing Coverage with CORE360 [ Case Study]

    Gallagher received a call from a bank CEO who was exploring brokers, as they had received several recommendations to contact Gallagher regarding the bank’s insurance program.

  • Gallagher Saves Rail Contractor on Premium While Improving Program Structure with Core360 [ Case Study]

    A rail customer was offered only one option on their workers compensation renewal that was more than double the expiring policy. The contractor was working in more than 10 states, and their current agent was limited on the markets they could use.

  • Innovative Risk Management is a Win-Win for Our Clients [ Case Study]

    A large privately held transportation company was forming an “asset light” division staffed with independent contractors instead of company drivers. During the due diligence process of formulating the independent contractor program recommendations, the prospect disclosed several additional coverage and service issues they were experiencing with the broker that had handled their insurance for the past 25 years.

  • Is Your Insurance Program Providing the Best Coverage at the Best Pricing? [ Case Study]

    We had been prospecting a large dealership with multiple locations. The prospect was pleased with the structure of their current program and with their broker and insurance carrier. They assumed they had first-rate coverage and that the current broker had effectively marketed their insurance program in recent years, ensuring they had the best coverages and pricing available in the marketplace.

  • Workers Compensation: Fall 2013 State of the Market [ Whitepaper]

    Despite improvement in insurer underwriting results in 2012, the workers compensation market continues to be challenging to both employers and insurance carriers alike. To gain a broader sense of this situation, review the Gallagher Workers Compensation — Fall 2013 State of the Market whitepaper.