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Eliminating Increased Exposure Available under the Jones Act

While working to clear out a pumped-out riverbed for a construction project, a Gallagher client reported three separate injuries to employees. All three claims were reported directly by the insured to their USL&H workers compensation carrier. The claims were handled as workers compensation claims until the carrier questioned each individual’s status and determined that the claims should be handled as Jones Act seaman claims.

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Gallagher Higher Education 2016 Liability Benchmark Report

Survey respondents provided data on their excess liability (XL) limits and educators’ legal liability (ELL) limits purchased, as of December 2015. This Liability Benchmark report is divided into four principle categories: Aggregate Data, 2-Year Community Colleges, 4-Year Public Universities and 4-Year Private Colleges and Universities.

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Healthcare News: June 6, 2016

This issue supports ASHRM’s HRM Week, has analysis on medical device cybersecurity risk and insurance response, and looks at trends in nontraditional hospital partnerships, and a publicly-disclosed settlement of ERISA exemption church plan litigation.

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Transportation Safety Topics - Same Old Seasonal Hazards

This time of year brings thoughts of flowers blooming, birds singing and no more snow, ice, sleet and cold temperatures to face, so let’s sit back, relax and enjoy the drive. NO! NO! NO! As road conditions improve and temperatures warm up, life seems better on the road. However, professional drivers understand that you only trade one set of hazards for another.

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Risk Management Safety - Effective Organizations Hold Everyone Accountable

Effective organizations know that accountability is a primary key to getting the results that are expected and therefore, success. Quite simply, people tend to focus on what is getting measured and this measurement serves to both motivate action and improve performance. To complicate matters, organizations that would not be described as “effective” also value accountability. They just don’t value the same kind of accountability.

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Assessing D&O Risk for Publicly Traded Corporations

Gallagher D&O Modeling Evaluation (DOME) supplements benchmarking and the analysis of actual historical large D&O losses as a method for assessing D&O risk – one which our experience shows to be the most accurate. Our D&O limits model is based on Gallagher’s proprietary models and algorithms and relies wholly on client data to project potential liabilities. The data used by the model includes the client’s specific ownership structure, industry and a variety of unique trading data such as market capitalization and price volatility. The model estimates the amount of D&O insurance coverage required to cover most D&O claims. In this paper, we will explore recent results from the National Economic Research Associates’ (NERA) 2014 report on D&O liability and compare them to our model assumptions.

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