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Chainsaw Safety

A chainsaw is one of the most useful and dangerous tools you can own. Only those diocesan employees that have had formal chainsaw training should be using this tool. Using one safely is in your best interest.

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Sports injuries

Sports injuries are all too common. Let’s face it; some sports are more dangerous than others. Sports can lead to injuries and illnesses if proper care is not taken. The most common sports injuries are sprains, strains and dehydration. More serious include contusions, fractures and heart irregularities. Early management and prevention is the key to limiting the occurrence of sports injuries as well as controlling their outcomes.

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Healthcare News: February 14, 2016

In this newsletter, Lexington has formally announced a retraction in its healthcare appetite (following recent streamlining at AIG), physicians with past claims are most likely to have further claims, and the issues of cyber-attacks on healthcare institutions causing bodily injury grow closer.

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