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Advisor - ChinaCast and the Adverse Interest Exception

Recently, the Ninth Circuit issued a decision that caused a flurry in the corporate law and insurance press. On the surface, the case seems both straightforward and unremarkable: the court reversed the dismissal of In re ChinaCast Education Corporation Securities Litigation and held that an executive’s knowledge could be imputed to his or her company when the executive acted with apparent authority.

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Gallagher Monthly Minute: January 2016

This is the time of the year when the word "resolution" makes some of us cringe. Merriam-Webster defines the New Year’s meaning for resolution to be “a promise to yourself that you’ll make a serious effort to do something”. Addressing and mitigating clinical risk could be that "something". Would you like to keep your patients and your medical practice safe from risk this year? Then make a commitment to analyze your current risk management systems and resolve to be proactive in reducing your risk.

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