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Lane Changes

Much of the driving done by commercial vehicle drivers is on multilane, limited access highways. Whether it is an open interstate or multilane road in an urban area changes always present a challenge and always raise the risk for the commercial vehicle driver. Every time you change lanes in any vehicle, but especially in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) your risk goes up; sometimes a lot, sometimes only slightly but the risk factor does increase.

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Advisor - Navigating the Changing Waters of California Wage Laws

Senate Bill (SB) 588, also known as “The Fair Day’s Pay Act” went into effect in California on January 1, 2016. This legislation will give the California Labor Commissioner broad powers to collect judgments for unpaid wages. In addition, the new legislation expands potential liability to individuals for violations of wage laws. This article will examine the background of personal liability for wage violations, and review the available insurance coverages for personal wage-related liability.

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