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At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., we try to learn everything we can about the industries we serve and the risks they may encounter. It’s a commitment that’s embedded in our corporate culture to expanding our expertise, continuing educational development and gathering topical updates to remain ahead of the curve.

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Gallagher First Glance – Third Quarter Review - 2014 - Presentation Slides

Download the presentation slides from the Gallagher First Glance - Third Quarter Review webinar highlighting the capital market changes in the third quarter. Webinar hosted by the professionals of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.'s Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services (Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors, LLC)

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Winter Weather Preparedness for Any Organization

We have all witnessed the devastating effects Mother Nature can cause throughout the year. As we look ahead to the winter season, now is the time to prepare for the threats posed by colder temperatures and frozen precipitation. How well will you be prepared to serve those who depend on you in their time of need? Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. and our disaster recovery partner, Agility Recovery, for an upcoming webinar on Winter Weather Preparedness.

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Directions Newsletter - October 2014

Directions newsletter is a monthly publication of the Benefits & HR Consulting operations of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. The October 2014 issue includes healthcare reform updates, a technical bulletin, webinar information and a variety of benefits and HR news

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Are Quarter Barges Considered Vessels under Maritime Law?

Maritime law had long been steeped in precedent. However, recent rulings by the United States Supreme Court, and subsequently, lower courts, relating to the status of a quarter barge (many times used to house workers) as a vessel or other structure have flip-flopped over the past 20 years. This topic has continued to gain the interest of the marine industry - particularly as the court decisions continue to change. What qualifies as a vessel? This whitepaper addresses key considerations if you are evaluating a similar situation.

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A Cost-Effective Plan for Managing Violence in the Kidney Care Setting

Healthcare workers face an increased likelihood of being a victim of workplace violence, as compared to workers in other industries. According to OSHA, healthcare facilities, including kidney care facilities, must have procedures in place to train staff on proper responses to such disturbances to reduce the risk of violence, injury and even death to staff members and patients. This paper identifies strategies and tools for managing security risks with minimal associated costs.

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