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Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management

As higher education institutions continue to embrace an enterprise approach to both risk and compliance, a practical and lasting model is needed to assure that a program will stand the test of time. Using the ISO standards and embracing a Centralized Oversight-Decentralized Implementation structure will greatly increase the likelihood of success. This model puts risk and compliance “ownership” in the hands of subject matter experts throughout the organization, while embedding the oversight and management of the program within the overall governance structure of the institution.

Risk Management Safety - Great Supervisor is Flexible

“I’m the boss and we will do it my way” is not something you would hear from a great supervisor. That being said, this common expression is heard in many workplaces and a powerful undertone in the culture of many of the organizations that don’t necessarily say it out loud. The consequences of this expressed or implied sentiment are dramatic, the least of which include employee apathy, disengagement and a potentially profit forfeiting reduction in creativity.

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Risk of Class Action Lawsuits for Network Breaches

A class action lawsuit following a network breach has always posed the greatest risk for companies to incur high legal defense costs. Fortunately, the uncertainty of the damages caused by the loss of personally identifiable information (PII) has made these types of lawsuits difficult to bring. Learn more about this subject by reading the full article.

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Cyber Risk Exposures and Solutions

Arthur J. Gallagher and Co.’s National Cyber Liability Practice has the expertise and the desire to deliver a full complement of cyber risk management and insurance services. As cyber risk continues to evolve, thought leadership is of the upmost importance. Our thought leaders are based in the United States with additional support from our international team in the United Kingdom. We focus on cyber risk exclusively. We are keenly aware of the evolving risk landscape and are uniquely positioned to share our knowledge, expertise and experience for the benefit our clients. Learn more about the rationale for insurance by reading the full article.