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A Different Approach to Voluntary Benefits

Tim Easterwood, Area President, Voluntary Benefits Consulting, and Grant Downs, New Business Development, Voluntary Benefits Consulting, write, “Traditional voluntary benefits are continuing to grow in popularity. In today’s environment, voluntary benefits are a meaningful piece of the total rewards package…” Read more about strategic voluntary benefits.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - May 18, 2015 - Weekly Market Update

Determining the potential losses of an investment is a fundamental question for all investors, and many large institutions use a measure known as Value at Risk (VaR) to boil down enormous, complex portfolios to a single statistic measuring how much they stand to lose on a really bad day. But VaR has its shortcomings when used in isolation, and they were made clear to the world during the 2008 financial crisis. Could some market participants be falling victim to the mistakes of the past and using VaR to justify taking outsized bets on the current low-volatility market environment?

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Advisor: Supreme Court Offers New Interpretation of Pregnancy Discrimination Act

On March 25, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court decided a case providing clarification on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act’s (PDA) provision requiring employers to treat pregnant women the same as other employees with abilities or inabilities to work. The issue before the Court was whether an employer’s failure to accommodate a pregnant employee violated the PDA when the employer’s light-duty policy accommodated some similarly situated workers but not all. This Gallagher Advisor newsletter provides an overview from the case records as well as how this issue potentially impacts employers.

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Human Capital Management and Benefits Administration

Rhonda Marcucci, VP of HR & Benefits Technology Consulting, writes, “The field of human capital management (HCM) approaches employee staffing by viewing employees as assets (i.e., human capital), whose value can be measured and enhanced through investment. To understand the role of benefits administration within an HCM model…” Read more about this topic.

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