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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - August 17 - Weekly Market Update

Chinese growth is slowing and its equity markets have plunged and whipsawed in recent months, leading the central bank to devalue their own currency in an effort to make its goods more competitive in global markets. Meanwhile, U.S. commercial property has surged higher, sparking fears of a bubble. Will either of these factors lead to U.S. rates staying lower longer?

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Minute For Safety - Disposable Respirators

Filtering facepiece respirators are disposable and come in various styles and designs to protect you from non-hazardous contaminants in the workplace. The filtering material in the disposable respirator can be made of cloth or paper that cleans the air as you breathe it to prevent you from inhaling irritating substances. Some filtering facepiece respirators (dust masks) are used to control nuisance contaminants such as dust, non hazardous fibers, animal dander and pollen. Other filtering facepiece respirators can have added features for use with infectious diseases, organic vapors, chemical fumes and nuisance odors.

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PEP Talk - Safety Inspections of Public Property

Claims against public entities typically allege a dangerous or defective property condition exists which led to an injury. Inspections and related corrective actions are critical in preventing injuries before they occur as well as mitigating severity after an injury has been sustained.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - August 10 - Weekly Market Update

The relative success of the U.S. economy, amidst a break economic global backdrop, has fueled a strong stock market recovery in recent years. Another side effect, particularly in the past year, has been the appreciation of the U.S. dollar, which has been strong as investors prepare for the Fed to raise interest rates. The flip side of that strength has been an increasing trade deficit, as U.S. goods are more expensive to foreign consumers. Will the power dollar tap the breaks on the U.S. recovery?

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