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Wildfire Disaster Preparation Checklist

Wildfires are uncontrolled fires that usually occur in less developed, rural areas, but they can also threaten urban environments if the fire spreads. Wildfires can begin quickly throughout communities, and can result from a variety of reasons including human error, arson and lightning. This checklist provides a good start towards preparing and better protecting your business and your employees.

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Incentive Design Varies by Industry: Spotlight on Electric Utilities

This article provides an analysis of how incentives are being structured to connect pay and performance at electric utility companies. Electric utility companies, as with most publicly traded companies, need to be sensitive to shareholder concerns in order to pay executives appropriately and to be able to attract and retain high quality employees.

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Tabletop Exercise for Disaster Preparation

Testing is an important tool in the creation and continuation of a viable disaster recovery plan. One popular way of starting a testing program is a tabletop exercise. This approach is cost-effective and focuses on your people and the tasks they will likely perform in a recovery. This checklist guides you through steps and process to plan and facilitate a successful tabletop exercise.

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Tornado Preparation Checklist

A tornado is one of nature’s most destructive types of storms. Unlike a hurricane or tropical storm, a tornado can develop with little warning, sometimes within minutes of the start of a thunderstorm, leaving little time to react. The importance of being prepared for a tornado cannot be overstated. The following checklist can help you to prepare your business for the potential effects of a tornado.

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Workplace Disaster Supply Checklist

This disaster recovery kit checklist will provide a breakdown of the items typically needed to initiate recovery procedures following an interruption. One of the primary functions of any recovery kit is the protection of important records, licenses and back up disks, and emergency items of a business in order to ensure a smooth reconstruction of vital information and operations following any disaster.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - December 8 - Weekly Market Update

Wage growth has been largely absent from the U.S. economic recovery, but will be an important factor moving forward as employment approaches the Fed target range. Falling gas prices this year have given consumers some flexibility in their spending, but since 2007 they have largely been forced to shift a larger share of each paycheck from wants to needs. Our Weekly Market Update examines the most recent data.

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Evacuation Disaster Preparation

Like families, businesses should have plans in place in the event an evacuation is required while your employees are at work. Develop a plan for an emergency evacuation, and share it with your employees. Help them create a "Go Bag" and identify what to take with them or to leave behind with enough supplies for up to 72 hours of disorder due to disaster. This checklist offers recommendations for some essential items. Time wasted collecting items before evacuating could be a serious, even deadly mistake.

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Power and Generator Emergency Resources Checklist

Approximately 70% of businesses in the U.S. will lose power sometime in the next 12 months. Since every organization has different power support needs, it is imperative to understand your risk as well as your building’s power and backup requirements. The following checklist highlights some of the steps that should be taken in order to effectively plan and recover from a power outage.

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Social Media and Disaster Communications Checklist

When disaster strikes, your employees and customers are looking to you for real time answers. Social media is a great way to communicate your message quickly. But when it comes to using social media to communicate important information, what does a good strategy look like? The following document can be a good first step towards helping your organization develop an effective social media and disaster communication strategy.

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