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Directions Newsletter - Anthem is the Target of a Cyber Attack

Anthem was recently the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack. The attackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem's IT system and obtained personal information from their current and former members, including: names; birthdays; member ID/Social Security numbers; mailing addresses; email addresses; and employment information, such as, income data. Based on what Anthem is currently reporting, there is no indication that banking, credit card or medical information (such as claims data, test results, or diagnostic codes) was targeted or compromised. As we learn more, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. will update our Directions newsletters accordingly, or send out a special alert if warranted.

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Minute for Safety - Back Injuries

Jokes about nagging back pain may get standup comedians lots of laughs, but back strains and sprains are not funny at all, nor should they be an unavoidable curse to anyone. The cost of back injuries suffered in California’s workplaces last year added up to millions of dollars. Those disabling back injuries were no laughing matter for the workers who lost time from work and their personal activities. The sad truth is that most of the pain and lost time could have been prevented if workers had been made more aware of how their backs function and how to safely lift bulky or heavy loads.

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PEP Talk: Leading Causes of Staff Injuries - Slips and Falls

Each year, slip-and-fall accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of work-related injuries - from minor lacerations to more serious injuries. Claims statistics show slip-and-fall claims continue to cost public employers tens of thousands of dollars each year. This Gallagher PEP Talk newsletter features five general rules that will help you to reduce your business' risk exposures to slips and falls claims.

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Transportation Safety News: Near Miss Driving Events

Driver safety? We've all experienced a "near miss" event. A car speeds past you, hits the brakes and heads to the side of the road. You react but have hopefully avoided an accident. However, when you are behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle or truck, stopping distance and maneuvering is not as immediate as a car driver’s ability. How can you help prevent a disaster in "near miss" situations?

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Gallagher International Credit & Political Risk Market Update: January 2015

The Gallagher International Credit and Political Risk (CPRI) Market Update: January 2015 offers 2014 CPRI recap highlights while noting that credit-insurer-led forecasts for 2015 appear to indicate an even more significant fall in total insolvencies across the globe. Increases appear to be limited to Russia, China, Brazil and some parts of Europe. However, insolvency levels are still expected to remain considerably above 2007 levels. What should your organization be tracking for 2015 potential trade credit issues?

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Market Conditions Update: 2015 Cyber Liability Report

In 2014, cyber attacks made top headlines in striking retailers, healthcare companies, financial institutions and even entertainment companies. Given an increasing awareness that no business is above a cyber security breach, this risk exposure has become a top priority within many companies. The Gallagher Market Conditions Update: 2015 Cyber Liability Report provides a recap of 2014 cyber attack fallouts and a look ahead at key risk exposures for 2015. Are you prepared?

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