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At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., we try to learn everything we can about the industries we serve and the risks they may encounter. It’s a commitment that’s embedded in our corporate culture to expanding our expertise, continuing educational development and gathering topical updates to remain ahead of the curve.

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Risk Management Safety Insight: What to Expect of OSHA 2015 & Beyond

With the New Year comes another year of enhanced OSHA enforcement and new OSHA regulations. This article addresses OSHA’s current and upcoming enforcement initiatives and trends, and OSHA’s new recordkeeping obligations and the implications based on the same - all of which will affect employers in the coming year. This includes OSHA’s enforcement initiatives, General Duty Clause, multi-employer worksite doctrine, temporary employees and false certifications. New recordkeeping regulations

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Risk Management Strategies Global Webcasts

Our Risk Management Strategies Webcasts – Global Series was so popular that we’ve collected them in one convenient place for replay at your convenience, on-demand 24/7/365. Click each Gallagher logo on the PDF or the webcast title hyperlink to replay the webcast of your choosing.

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Advisor: Former CEO Indicted for Mine Explosion Deaths - Where Does Insurance Fit In?

Donald L. Blankenship, the former chief executive of Massey Energy Co. was recently indicted on federal charges stemming from the 2010 coal mine explosion which killed 29 miners at its Upper Big Branch mine. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) concluded that safety violations (Massey was cited for 369 violations) contributed to the coal dust explosion. How can an energy company best protect it's mine workers while protecting itself and its directors in these situations?

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - December 15 - Weekly Market Update

After a bumpy third quarter, U.S. equities are offering more of the same solid returns that investors have gotten used to by now. But while equities set new highs, recovering from over 10% from October lows, the manner in which they are doing so is changing. After years of lockstep advances and declines, equities are acting more like the shares of unique businesses that they actually are. Will the change be sustained and usher in an era of active management alpha, or will the beta continue to be the name of the game? Our Weekly Market Update examines the most recent data.

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Wildfire Disaster Preparation Checklist

Wildfires are uncontrolled fires that usually occur in less developed, rural areas, but they can also threaten urban environments if the fire spreads. Wildfires can begin quickly throughout communities, and can result from a variety of reasons including human error, arson and lightning. This checklist provides a good start towards preparing and better protecting your business and your employees.

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Incentive Design Varies by Industry: Spotlight on Electric Utilities

This article provides an analysis of how incentives are being structured to connect pay and performance at electric utility companies. Electric utility companies, as with most publicly traded companies, need to be sensitive to shareholder concerns in order to pay executives appropriately and to be able to attract and retain high quality employees.

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Tabletop Exercise for Disaster Preparation

Testing is an important tool in the creation and continuation of a viable disaster recovery plan. One popular way of starting a testing program is a tabletop exercise. This approach is cost-effective and focuses on your people and the tasks they will likely perform in a recovery. This checklist guides you through steps and process to plan and facilitate a successful tabletop exercise.

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