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Rethinking and Rebalancing Compensation and Benefits with Revenue: How to Better Align Business and Employee Objectives

How can your organization optimize its compensation and benefits for long-term sustainability? Read Health & Welfare Consulting's Kent E. Lonsdale's whitepaper on the importance of mapping out the right path to a sustainable, flexible balance between employee and organizational objectives including the possibility of a defined contribution strategy with a private exchange.

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Gallagher Marine P&I Commercial Market Review: October 2014

Within the Marine industry, 2014 has revealed more challenges for some of the new fixed premium market facilities - in particular, those new entrants competing for market share. With the average owned property and insurance (P&I) rate at a five-year low, and with more facilities entering an already soft market, only time will tell as to how long some of these facilities will last. However, we currently do not see the Marine insurers market consolidating in the short to medium term. In fact, we see the market continuing to expand with average rates continuing to decrease. This Gallagher Marine P&I 2014 Commercial Market Review offers a recap of key industry issues.

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Property Market Update: First Quarter 2015

In 2014, the year began with the second costliest winter storm in over 20 years. The U.S. also experienced two additional loss events triggered by natural disasters including severe thunderstorms throughout the country and the Napa earthquake - which was the largest U.S. earthquake loss since 2001. Globally, natural disasters produced a combined total insured loss of $39 billion in 2014, which was 38% below the 10-year average and the lowest annual insured loss total since 2009. This Gallagher Property Marketing Update: First Quarter 2015 reviews how is all of this affecting the property market.

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Common Mistakes Made With Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance

Complex real estate transactions gone awry can produce lengthy litigation. Even low value situations can become protracted litigation with significant money spent on what seems like endless defense. Real estate errors and omissions (E & O) liability insurance can help protect the balance sheet of your real estate business on these types of costs. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls frequently created by insurance brokers who do not specialize in risk transfer products specifically for real estate firms. So what do you need to know?

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Minute for Safety: Take a Close Look at Close Calls

A “close call” or an accident without injury is easy to shrug off and forget. But, there is a danger in brushing off accidents that don’t hurt, harm or cause damage. When a “close call” happens, it should immediately send up a red warning flag that something was wrong, unplanned, unexpected and could happen again. What can you do to reduce that possibility? Review our Minute for Safety newsletter for recommendations.

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HIPAA Breach: Employer-Sponsored Health Plan Concerns

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”) is responsible for enforcing HIPAA’s privacy, security, and breach notification requirements. A significant number of OCR’s enforcement actions begin with a breach of electronic Protected Health Information. Some covered entities have discovered first hand that HIPAA violations can be very expensive. Do you know how to spot a breach and what to do if you find one?

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The Impact of Your Investments – To Screen or Not to Screen

Sustainable and socially responsible investing mandates continue to expand as more investors factor ethical and moral considerations into the investment process. Typically, these investors do not see social investing as a goal itself. Rather, they are motivated to use their money or resources to make a positive social impact and align the investments of the organization with its values and mission, while not compromising competitive long-term investment returns.

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School Talk: Office Safety - What Are the Risks?

When working on a school campus or in a district administrative office, what are the risks of injury? The reality, which is supported by claims statistics, is that accidents/injuries occurred more frequently in educational settings than one might think. This Gallagher School Talk newsletter features recommendations to consider when creating a safer work environment.

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