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School Talk - Ice Machines

The majority of the consuming public does not realize that you can get very sick from contaminated ice. As we know, ice is “frozen water,” but just because it is frozen, that doesn’t mean it cannot contain harmful bacteria or viruses. Viruses also survive in ice cubes, so our foodborne illness leader, the noroviruses, can wreak havoc in the frozen crystals. This article features information on the safety of your ice machines; risks due to mishandling and contamination;and the rinse-wash-sanitize method to help reduce potential issues.

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The New Hazard Communications GHS Label Requirements

The purpose of the OSHA standard was to communicate the risks in handling hazardous materials to employees who had to handle such materials. In 2009, OSHA revisited the standard to include the Global Harmonization System (GHS). The major changes to the standard are hazard classification, labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). This webinar focuses on the changes in the labeling requirements of the revised Hazard Communication Standard. This program is for anyone who has not been trained on the new GHS labeling and handles hazardous materials.

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Updates to OSHA's Recordkeeping Rules

Starting on January 1, 2015, businesses that were previously exempt from retaining specific OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping forms will have to do so. This webinar can help guide businesses in understanding how to complete these forms, what severe injuries need to be reported directly to OSHA - and when.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - October 27 - Weekly Market Update

Earnings season has been a reminder to market participants that stock specific risk, and reward, still exists. The third quarter earnings reports have seen some big names make big moves, as the macroeconomic factors that have been in the driver’s seat for several years loosen their grip on the daily market direction. Is it finally time for correlations to fall and stock pickers to prove their worth, or will macroeconomic and geopolitical issues regain the wheel? Our Weekly Market Update examines the most recent data.

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Critical Business Functions Checklists

Identifying critical business functions before a disaster is an essential part of your emergency planning. It is designed to better ensure you’ll be able to resume operations – or a preliminary portion of them – during and after an event or situation. These pre-planning and evaluation recommendations will walk you through important steps to better understand some of the risks you may encounter for identifying while trying to sustain the fundamental aspects of your business.

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Hurricane Storms and Other Natural Disasters Toolkit

The devastation and magnitude of natural catastrophes―from hurricanes or other types of severe storms - is almost unimaginable. While most of these situations cannot be prevented, preparation and recovery plans are critical to managing through it all and understanding where to find resources available to assist you. This toolkit features materials to help you in your planning or recovery process.

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