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Fire Preparation Checklist

Fires can occur in an area because of lightning, being intentionally set or - on an individual level - from hazards usually around your homes or business. This document provides a variety of checklists to ensure you have something to review on things that could have been missed or to better ensure your preliminary safety planning is in place. Be prepared.

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Seasonal Influenza (Flu) Preparedness Checklist

Every year, seasonal influenza, or “the flu,” affects millions of employees and consequentially, the businesses for which they work. It is important to establish a cross-functional, organization-wide seasonal influenza planning team. Give each team member specific tasks and ensure that at least two people are fully knowledgeable of every responsibility. The following checklist provides tips and suggestions to consider when planning, responding to and mitigating the impact of seasonal influenza on your business.

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Winter Weather Preparedness - Checklist

Winter storms can range from a moderate snowfall to a blizzard lasting for days, and the storms can move through a region or be more localized. As we know, the more severe storms also can cause issues in your community as well as your business. The following checklist will help you to identify the areas of your business that are most susceptible to winter hazards. Start planning now.

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Preparing and Responding to a Fire

Advanced planning for the possibility of a fire is essential to help ensure you will be able to minimize property damage as well as physical injury or even death. In 2011, there were 1,389,500 fires reported in the U.S. - causing 3,005 civilian deaths, 17,500 injuries and $11.7 billion in property damage. Developing and implementing an official Pre-Fire Plan and Fire Prevention Plan will help you to eliminate the potential causes of fire, prevent loss of life and property.

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Preparing for the Impact of Winter Storms

With each and every season there is a possibility of destruction and injury. Winter storms are no different than storms in other seasons. The weight of snow alone can completely destroy a building. It is a good idea to develop an action plan for your business so that you will be ready and able to minimize damage. Be prepared to take the steps necessary to protect your property, and possibly lives, impacted by a severe winter storm.

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Risk Management Safety Insight - Ebola and Employer Liability Issues

There are many risks and liabilities being evaluated with the reporting and spread of the Ebola hemorrhagic virus (EHV) - also known as the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) World health organization, the media and other federal government entities are aggressively working to find more answers and possible solutions. The United States has only had several cases of the virus, but that hasn't prevented many medical officials from raising concerns about when or if the disease surfaces in more cases and populated common areas in the U.S. How does this issue possibly this impact employers?

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Advisor: Has the Nigerian Prince Come to Call

You operate a sophisticated business. But invariably, your organization can be a victim of a variety of scams with losses that quickly add up. The tools of this business model – email, wire transfers, text messages – are faceless. Billions of dollars speed around the world on the basis of passwords, account numbers and unencrypted messages. How can you protect your business?

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