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Healthcare Reform Update - December 13, 2012

This Article Includes: IRS Issues Final Regulations on Fees for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund, Legal Challenges to PPACA Still Linger: Likely to End in Supreme Court, CMS Changes Date When MLR Rebates are Due to Consumers, HHS Issues Additional Guidance on Exchange Functions, Guidance Issued on Medical Device Excise Tax, OPM Provides Insight on Multi-State Plans to be Offered in State Exchanges, CMS Issues Request for Information on Health Care Quality Reporting on Public Exchanges, Small Business Health Options Program HHS Proposes New Regulations, Questions and Answers for Employers

Tag(s): Healthcare Reform; Health & Welfare;

Healthcare Reform Update - December 6, 2012

This Article Includes: Departments Release New Wellness Guidance Increasing Permitted Rewards, HHS Proposes Regulations on Fee Amount and Payment Methodology on Transition Reinsurance Program, IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Additional Medicare Taxes, More to come..., HHS Extends Deadlines for States to Submit Declaration Letter and Blueprint to Establish State Exchange, HHS Issues Proposed Regulations on Essential Health Benefits, Actuarial Value, and Accreditation, HHS Issues Regulations on Health Insurance Market Rules and Rate Review, Questions and Answers for Employers

Tag(s): Healthcare Reform; Health & Welfare;

Technical Bulletin - HHS Issues Final Regulations for Unique National Health Plan Identifier

While HIPAA already contains a requirement for the use of a unique identifier for health plans, that requirement had not been implemented. In this issue of Technical Bulletin, we highlight the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) final regulations adopting a national standard for a unique health plan identifier (HPID) to be used by health plans in HIPAA standard transactions.

Tag(s): Health & Welfare; Compliance Consulting;

Healthcare Reform Update - October 23, 2012

This Article Includes: PPACA Notices Checklist, FAQs on Women's Preventive Services Guidance, HHS will Not Enforce PPACA Requirement that Governmental Plans Provide Certain ERISA Notice, GBS' W-2 Reporting Toolkit, Congressional Budget Office Increases Estimate of Individuals that will be subject to Individual Mandate Penalty, Questions and Answers for Employers

Tag(s): Healthcare Reform; Health & Welfare;