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Cyber Threats and Realities: Solutions for Real Estate and Hospitality

Cyber attacks have spread beyond the “usual suspects” of government, banks and retail targets. The unauthorized access of data and unknown breaches are now a growing and documented exposure for any real estate or hospitality owner/operator who has access to credit cards; utilizes computer operating systems for their assets; accepts and warehouses anyone’s personal information; or engages in social media.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - May 23 - Weekly Market Update

After a disastrous start to 2014, emerging markets has been the strongest segment of the equity market, up 12.1% since the start of February. Emerging markets equity began 2014 as the cheapest market on a price-to-earnings basis, and only got cheaper as investors pulled capital amid a perfect storm of central bank actions and geopolitical tension. Despite the recent run, valuations still remain cheap relative to both international and domestic markets, signaling there could be more room to run.

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3 Simple Steps for Creating a Strong Safety Culture

Culture plays a critical role in an organization’s safety performance, yet most of us have a hard time explaining in practical terms what culture is. This is one of the reasons why so many organizations struggle to change their safety culture. This webcast starts by explaining safety culture in very practical terms and then draws from research to provide a clear approach for positively changing the culture within an organization. Three simple steps are described which leaders from the front line to the board room can use to deliberately shape their organization’s safety cultures.

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Recruiting & Retention Opportunities for the Energy Industry in a Changing Environment

As the generational gap increases, so does the demand for qualified talent, creating a hyper-competitive environment in the energy industry. A strategic plan specific to recruiting and retention is vital to the success of energy companies. In his whitepaper Recruiting & Retention Opportunities for the Energy Industry in a Changing Environment, author James Wright explores some solutions to the competitive environment created by this intellectual gap.

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Risk Management Safety Insight: OSHA Emphasis on Fall Protection

Since Sir Isaac Newton’s book’, Philosophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica, was published in 1687 (quantifying the principles of gravity), there has been no question that falls due to the hidden force of gravity can result in personal injury. This hazard is greatly magnified in the workplace because of the nature of work at heights as well as employee exposure to falling. Despite this well-known hazard, employees either arrogantly or mistakenly believe that they can avoid a fall by their actions. This newsletter offers insights about the mounting issues concerning fall protection.

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Mental Health Parity: After the Final Rules

Final regulations on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (“MHPAEA”) were issued on November 13, 2013. These regulations adopted proposed regulations with minor modifications and incorporated clarifications that had been issued through sub-regulatory guidance. Plans must comply with the new requirements effective for their first plan year beginning on or after July 1, 2104.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - May 16 - Weekly Market Update

Amid ongoing fears of lackluster global economic growth, bond yields fell to pre-taper lows last week. The conventional wisdom about steadily rising rates may have overestimated potential economic growth and the effect of Fed tapering. Meanwhile, tech and small-cap stocks are selling off while the S&P 500 broke the 1900 barrier for the first time.

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Advisor: Revisiting "Side A" Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Most directors and officers are confident that the corporation they serve will indemnify all of their expenses related to defending and settling lawsuits that may arise from their duties as director or officer of the corporation. It's hard to imagine an individual risking their personal assets without such a promise. The recent recession, with record numbers of corporate bankruptcies, readily reveals the most obvious circumstance in which a corporation's promise of indemnify may prove to be inadequate protection. This Advisor newsletter addresses some risk transfer solutions designed to provide additional layers of protection for directors' and officers' personal assets.

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Advisor: Litigation, Indemnification and Insurance

A continuing source of concern for clients is how coverage is triggered under D&O policies. Specifically, when faced with litigation against individual officers and directors how will the coverage grants - Side A and Side B apply? This Advisor whitepaper features information about D & O coverage, when it begins and in what situations does it protect you.

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