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How to Combat Adverse Medical Opinions in Workers Compensation

Too often the Independent Medical Exam (IME) process does not fairly represent the employer in the claim arena. A simple IME process does not get the job done. It is important to find a physician consultant who understands the legal dilemma and is able to give employers more control over their claims’ destiny in spite of seemingly overwhelming odds. A physician consultant is familiar with the way doctors think and knows when they are being less than honest or do not have adequate or truthful information.

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Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Studies - Bringing Great Minds Together to Help Reduce Campus Risk

Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank studies are published annually and include perspectives from leaders at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. on a common topic. These individuals gather to brainstorm on topics that affects almost all higher education institutions. View the comprehensive list of all Gallagher Think Tank studies to date.

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Healthcare Reform Update - September 22, 2014

By November 15, 2014, sponsors of self-insured health plans must take steps to report the number of covered lives for purposes of the Transitional Reinsurance Fee through Pay.gov. The first payment of the Transitional Reinsurance Fee is due by January 15, 2015. (Insurance carriers will report the number of covered lives and ultimately pay the fee for fully-insured health plans.) To assist sponsors of self-insured health plans, we have prepared these action steps as you countdown to compliance.

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Crime Loss

A large, public university experienced a large employee dishonesty fidelity loss and filed a claim with their insurer. The loss was perpetrated by an employee in the treasury department by providing university money to a Ponzi scheme as an investment. It was also discovered that the employee stood to gain from doing so with an agreement that the Ponzi scheme leaders would provide the employee with some of the funds on the back end of the transaction. To read more, view our Gallagher Management Liability case study.

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