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When Hackers Create Personal Liability for Directors

As numerous media sources have reported, Target was one of the latest retailers whose customers’ credit card records have been stolen by hackers. As a result, the company is the subject of regulatory investigations and civil actions. A startling twist, however, are the lawsuits instituted against the individuals serving on Target’s board of directors.

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The New Face of Workers Compensation Insurance

Amid all the publicity, attention and frustration associated with the recent rollout of the Affordable Care Act, there is an emerging trend that is actually driving healthcare costs down and employee satisfaction up. This new trend, commonly known as “opt out” or “nonsubscription,” allows employers to establish a formal injury benefit plan to pay the work-related medical and indemnity claims of their employees, instead of purchasing traditional workers compensation.

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The Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

In building your organization's cyber risk management program, this article offers a range of key questions to address with your operations, technology and financial teams to consider in your planning.

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