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A Minute for Safety: Green Muscles

For roles requiring a significant amount of manual labor, you might find your body takes a certain amount of time to acclimate to the new physical demands. Muscles that weren’t used before — or were used rather infrequently — might undergo a certain amount of soreness for a brief period of time. “Green” muscles refer to the transitioning of infrequently used muscles into working ones.

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Un Minuto para la Seguridad: Músculos Verdes

(Spanish Version - A Minute for Safety: "Green" Muscles") Para las funciones que requieren una gran cantidad de mano de obra, puede encontrarse con que su cuerpo necesita una cierta cantidad de tiempo para aclimatarse a las nuevas exigencias físicas. Los músculos que no se utilizaron antes — o se utilizaban con poca frecuencia — podrían experimentar una cierta cantidad de dolor por un breve período de tiempo. Músculos "verdes" hacen referencia a la transición de los músculos que se usan con poca frecuencia en los que trabajan.

Tag(s): Aviation; Loss Control; Construction; Workers Compensation; Transportation; Claims Advocacy; Marine;

Market vs. COLA Pay Adjustments

Fox and Lawson’s COMPDOCTOR article outlines the differences between market and cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) pay increases. The culture in most public sector organizations provides employees annual pay increases for longevity and changes in the cost of living. (HR News magazine, 10/2013)

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A Minute for Safety: Chemical Cross-Contamination Risks

Cross-contamination occurs when workers spread contaminants around the worksite and into their homes through soiled clothing, shoes or skin contact. However, if a worker does not properly wash, remove or decontaminate soiled personal protective equipment (PPE) after work, they can spread the contaminants further when they leave.

Tag(s): Loss Control; Workers Compensation; Life Sciences; Claims Advocacy; Life Science;

Healthcare Reform Update - September 26, 2013

This Article Includes: Departments Release Additional Guidance on HRAs, Health FSAs, and EAPs, HHS Final Rule Offers Guidance on Marketplaces, SHOPs, and Eligibility Appeals, IRS Issues Proposed Rule on Small Employer Tax Credit, Federal SHOP Marketplace Enrollment Delayed', IRS Clarifies Preventive Care Coverage under HDHPs, CMS Releases SHOP FAQs Related to Webinar Series, Questions and Answers for Employers

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